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Too Many Little Outfits

// September 11th, 2001 // 1 Comment » // Life

Popped over to K Mart last night to get some stickers and ending up spending $130 on baby accoutrements. We really must NOT buy any more little outfits! But they are very hard to resist. I think Little Jem will end up with an outfit for every day he is size 0000! Also got some nappies, nappy bucket, bunny rug etc etc. Still haven’t dealt with the three big ones though – Cot – Pram – Car Capsule – eep! They had a wooden cot at K Mart – $290 for the cot and then another $110 for the mattress. Prams seem to be about $250 as do capsules. Hopefully we’ll get there. Tomorrow marks three weeks till the due date and apparently from then on he is no longer considered premature so it really could be any time now! Wow.