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Yay! Lego Books!

// February 15th, 2010 // 1,279 Comments » // Obsessions

Just received a couple of Lego books in the mail that I ordered 6 weeks ago from Amazon. Very exciting!

The first is one I actually bought for my dad for his birthday in December. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to get it for myself…

It’s called simply “The Lego Book” and is a history, guide and tribute to Lego. Did you know that the Lego company was founded in 1916 by a Danish carpenter? At first he made furniture, but in 1932 he switched to children’s toys. The company did really well out of pull-along toys before inventing the Lego brick in 1949. Anyway there is a lot of good stuff in it as well as beautiful full colour photos. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a BONUS book “Standing Small” which is a tribute to 30 years of the Lego mini-figure!


Official Threadless Junkie

// March 8th, 2007 // 441 Comments » // Obsessions

I have now bought three Threadless t-shirts for me and one each for the boys! I couldn’t resist the new $10 T-shirt sale. They worked out at only NZ$18 each which is pretty reasonable for such EXCELLENT shirts:

We Are All Made Of CarbonEl ConductorFollow ItLions Are Smarter Than I AmMarshmallow Factory

If you ever want to show me how much you love me, check out my Threadless blog which is essentially a wishlist of t-shirts I love… sigh….

Whole Again

// August 30th, 2005 // 517 Comments » // Toys

I was very surprised when my new camera arrived by courier at 8:30am this morning, when I only deposited the money into E-top’s bank at 3pm yesterday. So E-top get a big thumbs up from me for service and speed.

I’ve been merrily snapping away all morning, as you can imagine. One disadvantage of the 8 megapixels is that now my largest CF card only holds 32 images! I can’t afford to get myself a 1GB card at the moment, so I will just take images at medium quality where I can at least take 55 pics at a time. Hopefully I won’t need to print any out at A1 size…

The camera itself is great though. Very responsive instant shutter speed, you can hold down the button and just take one photo after the other, it fits my two existing EOS lenses, and it has great auto spot focusing… I love it! Pics coming to Flickr very soon. The Harry and Archie fix you’ve been craving for a month!!

New Toy

// August 29th, 2005 // 508 Comments » // Internets, Toys

I’ve just ordered my brand new Canon 350D digital SLR and I am filled with antici-pation. I can’t wait to get back on Flickr with some actual photos – much as I know Rosie has been enjoying the scans.

In other news check out this great post about piracy on Asymptomatic.

To people like the RIAA and MPA I, along with many other people, say this to you: your failed business model is not my problem. Work with us, not against us, and we will be your friends. Work against us, and you can only lose. Because we are the ones that built you, power you, run you, we are you. You just don’t know it yet.

Half Blood Infringement Princess

// March 31st, 2005 // 369 Comments » // Books, Life, Obsessions

To celebrate the end of my big project, Jan & I & the kids went to the mega Warehouse by the airport. And while there I saw an ACTUAL POSTER for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince! With a release date! Somehow all the info on the internet does not seem real until one sees physical evidence, and then one can really get excited!

That morning I found a ticket on our car that had been parked outside our house! Apparently it is an infringement to be “parked facing the wrong direction” – and Wellington City Council will police this vigorously at 10:07pm on a back street of Newtown! Crazy. I won’t be doing that again, $40 has taught me my lesson.

Foreign Shopping

// October 15th, 2004 // 330 Comments » // Holidays!, Toys

I thought I’d share with you my three favourite purchases on my trip.

1 :: Fake Rolex
Everywhere you went in Shanghai, hawkers were trying to sell you Rolexes. After Max bought one in People’s Square, I decided I really wanted one too! Ned found this at the Xiang Yang Fashion Market, a stallholder had a stash in a secret box in the back of the stall. We managed to bargain him down to US$12, he seemed pretty miserable with that so maybe it was a good deal – or maybe he was a good actor! Anyway, it is a great replica – has a crystal scratch-resistant face, see-through back with self winding mechanism, not to mention the major bling factor! I just hope no one mugs me for it!

2 :: Patch Sneakers
We spent roughly 35% of our time in Tokyo in shoe shops, as Jake and Max were looking for something special. The range of shoes in Shibuya was astounding. Incredible varieties of Chuck Taylors and Vans. I even bought Archie a tiny pair of Vans. But I didn’t want any shoes – until the moment Max brought these to my attention and I fell in love. Any item that combines Ren & Stimpy, Snoop Dogg & NWA in a shoe form has got to be good! (Just some of the patches on these shoes)

3 :: Helvetica T-Shirt
Jake found a great shop in Tokyo with cool designer t-shirts, and this was one – the perfect shirt for web designers everywhere! Helvetica is of course a font, and on this shirt the word Helvetica is written in… Helvetica! It’s genius! I would have liked a Tahoma or Verdana one though.

Retail Therapy

// September 24th, 2004 // 308 Comments » // Holidays!

Going down Nanjing Road, the main shopping strip – it’s mind blowing!

Hardware Stores

// April 16th, 2004 // 556 Comments » // Gripes

..are so boring. Ned and Jan are having a grand time but I am about to pass out. Me & Jessica Simpson have something in common! How much longer?!? Din has confessed she hates it too!


// March 27th, 2004 // 354 Comments » // Life

The trolley of an Atkins follower / mineral water addict.