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Tourism Exhaustion

// February 14th, 2010 // 466 Comments » // Life, People

Sydney visitor and scenic landmarks!

I’ve had a fun four days with my friend Annemiek visiting from New Zealand. I took her around the tourist traps of Sydney. Now I have sore feet and a happy but exhausted demeanour. Here’s a few of the highlights we took in:

- Ikea (FIRST destination)
- Harbour Bridge / Milson’s Point / Luna Park / Domain
- Sydney University
- Darling Harbour
- Powerhouse Museum
- Monorail
- Chinatown
- “Wicked” at the Capitol Theatre
- Taronga Zoo
- German beer and food at Essen restaurant
- Apple Store
- Pitt St Mall (such as it is at the moment with massive renovations underway)
- Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Phew! No wonder I am a little sleepy. Lots of fun though – especially Wicked – what a show!! God, I don’t remember the Zoo being that expensive though. $41 for an adult? Really Taronga Zoo? Really?

It all did wonders for my foursquare stats too.


// November 16th, 2005 // 1,103 Comments » // Moviesandtv

We went to the movies last night – oh it was a very exciting occasion – just two girls out on the town, footloose and fancyfree. We went to see Serenity (finally) and it was fantastic, we really enjoyed it. It wrapped up a lot of loose ends from the tv series and was very funny, tragic and action-packed all at once. Not sure how it would be if you weren’t familiar with the TV show though. But it gets the Jemsweb Highly Recommended Seal of Approval (JHRSA™).

Best line: “I ain’t had nothin’ twixt my nethers for a year that didn’t run on batteries.”

On Technology

// July 21st, 2005 // 596 Comments » // Internets, Obsessions

My Palm Pilot is broken: It won’t charge up anymore and is flat out of batteries. Is is the Palm? Is it the cradle? Will I ever go paperless geocaching again?

I want a Canon 350D: After playing with David’s 300D last weekend, I can’t stop thinking about that luscious silky black body, and that smoothly rotating zoomy lens, and that heart stoppingly gorgeous multi-point focus display… Love is strange…

And today I learned that seeing people from the blog world in the flesh is a very enjoyable activity. They can tell you who the Auckland drugs bust sports celebrities are WITH THEIR VOICE and no judge can throw them in prison for contempt. Also they make great scones – thanks for having us, it was very fun.

Aquarium Again

// April 27th, 2004 // 618 Comments » // Life

Finding NemilyWe went to the Sydney Aquarium again on Saturday – Ned & Din were very keen to go and Max had never been. I enjoyed it again, though it is very expensive – $24 to get in! Why, that’s practically a DVD! There were lots of seals this time though. Archie had a great time as well, he loves it even better than the zoo for some reason. Even Harry got into it. Then we went over to Darling Harbour shopping center. I hadn’t been there since we first arrived in Sydney but it was surprisingly good. Managed to get an Atkins-friendly meal in the food court (roast beef, roast pumpkin and salad).

Ned & Max went to Radiohead on Saturday night, apparently they were amazing. Personally I am not very into them, even though every single other member of my family (including my mother) is obsessed with them. Guess I will stick to Britney Spears and Madonna. ;-)

Mum got a reply back from the eye doctor. Basically he denied everything and is “deeply offended”. Not sure where we go from here, maybe us the parents will have to progress it. I’ll keep you posted.

At Cody Chestnutt

// April 14th, 2004 // 222 Comments » // Culture


Happy Mardi Gras!

// March 6th, 2004 // 495 Comments » // Life

It’s bloody wet but we’re loving it! Waiting for the parade to start.


// September 18th, 2001 // 537 Comments » // Life

Am in a bit of an anxious state at the moment – this whole looming war thing is getting to me! I guess we are a lot safer down here in the Antipodes than in Europe, the U.S. or Afghanistan but am still wishing I was back in New Zealand which somehow feels even more remote. My brother Sam yesterday sent me a great commentary by Tamim Ansary, a writer and columnist in San Francisco who is a native of Afghanistan. It’s both interesting and chilling…. read it here.

Jan has finished work and is living a life of leisure – not! She went to see the midwife yesterday who said that Little Jem was ‘very organised’ – head engaged, all positioned correctly – ready to pop! We still haven’t got a cot. Saw one I loved in the weekend but it was $525, plus another $100 for the mattress. I just can’t seem to justify that to myself!

Went to see A.I. over the weekend and thought it very bizarre…. a strange hodge podge of Kubrick and Spielberg. Even though I didn’t like it much it has still stayed in my mind, something that I have found before with Kubrick films so maybe it does still retain the soul of the bearded one.

Bankers Are Wankers

// August 10th, 2001 // 482 Comments » // Life

Bad news is that it looks like the house has not gone through – still waiting on bank paper work. Argh! Driving me mad. Oh well – at least we can enjoy the weekend (and my forthcoming birthday) without worrying about having to move.

We went to my godmother Rosie Scott’s launch of her new book Faith Singer last night. It was a really enjoyable event and I picked up a copy of the book too! Looking forward to reading it once I finish my latest naval epic. So thanks to Rosie for inviting us!

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