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Australia – NZ Relations

// December 4th, 2003 // No Comments » // Internets

acp: in nz… no states… what do you have? provinces?
acp: we are collecting addresses online, need to know fields for NZ
britney2008: oh, well leave off provinces, they are only important for rugby
acp: so just address
britney2008: yep
acp: are there suburbs? or just towns/cities
acp: islands?
britney2008: suburbs, not islands
britney2008: here is a typical address:
britney2008: 55 Wade St
britney2008: Wadestown
britney2008: Wellington
britney2008: New Zealand
britney2008: my childhood address btw!
britney2008: ;-)
acp: are all streets named after the suburb? ;-)
britney2008: :P Yes, and they all start with ‘W’
acp: can you just address something:
Umily Welkah,
acp: and it will get there
acp: send to the childhood home… then forwarded c/o Bondi Beach
britney2008: Oh, you are so hilarious
britney2008: Tell me a sheep joke now!
acp: two sheep walk into a baa
acp: no… into a dairy
britney2008: LOL
acp: and one says to the other…
acp: hi
acp: the other says back
acp: hi
acp: the end!
acp: :-|