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Harry Made This For Ned’s Birthday

// August 29th, 2009 // 379 Comments » // Kids

Click the sideways image to see some more pics from Ned’s birthday brunch.

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Long Lost Australians

// August 2nd, 2005 // 660 Comments » // People

Long Lost Australians

Isn’t it nice that people think of me when they run into each other at the Marrickville Metro?

Anthony, Dins and Ned did just that.

Miss you lot lots!

Foreign Shopping

// October 15th, 2004 // 330 Comments » // Holidays!, Toys

I thought I’d share with you my three favourite purchases on my trip.

1 :: Fake Rolex
Everywhere you went in Shanghai, hawkers were trying to sell you Rolexes. After Max bought one in People’s Square, I decided I really wanted one too! Ned found this at the Xiang Yang Fashion Market, a stallholder had a stash in a secret box in the back of the stall. We managed to bargain him down to US$12, he seemed pretty miserable with that so maybe it was a good deal – or maybe he was a good actor! Anyway, it is a great replica – has a crystal scratch-resistant face, see-through back with self winding mechanism, not to mention the major bling factor! I just hope no one mugs me for it!

2 :: Patch Sneakers
We spent roughly 35% of our time in Tokyo in shoe shops, as Jake and Max were looking for something special. The range of shoes in Shibuya was astounding. Incredible varieties of Chuck Taylors and Vans. I even bought Archie a tiny pair of Vans. But I didn’t want any shoes – until the moment Max brought these to my attention and I fell in love. Any item that combines Ren & Stimpy, Snoop Dogg & NWA in a shoe form has got to be good! (Just some of the patches on these shoes)

3 :: Helvetica T-Shirt
Jake found a great shop in Tokyo with cool designer t-shirts, and this was one – the perfect shirt for web designers everywhere! Helvetica is of course a font, and on this shirt the word Helvetica is written in… Helvetica! It’s genius! I would have liked a Tahoma or Verdana one though.

Aquarium Again

// April 27th, 2004 // 614 Comments » // Life

Finding NemilyWe went to the Sydney Aquarium again on Saturday – Ned & Din were very keen to go and Max had never been. I enjoyed it again, though it is very expensive – $24 to get in! Why, that’s practically a DVD! There were lots of seals this time though. Archie had a great time as well, he loves it even better than the zoo for some reason. Even Harry got into it. Then we went over to Darling Harbour shopping center. I hadn’t been there since we first arrived in Sydney but it was surprisingly good. Managed to get an Atkins-friendly meal in the food court (roast beef, roast pumpkin and salad).

Ned & Max went to Radiohead on Saturday night, apparently they were amazing. Personally I am not very into them, even though every single other member of my family (including my mother) is obsessed with them. Guess I will stick to Britney Spears and Madonna. ;-)

Mum got a reply back from the eye doctor. Basically he denied everything and is “deeply offended”. Not sure where we go from here, maybe us the parents will have to progress it. I’ll keep you posted.

Hardware Stores

// April 16th, 2004 // 556 Comments » // Gripes

..are so boring. Ned and Jan are having a grand time but I am about to pass out. Me & Jessica Simpson have something in common! How much longer?!? Din has confessed she hates it too!

X Box?

// August 29th, 2001 // 231 Comments » // Toys

The new Buffy game is looking fantastic. Maybe I will have to get a X Box after all!

Off to the birthing centre tonight for ‘orientation’ – should be interesting!

Happy birthday Neddles and Karen.