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Shanghai Grand Prix

// September 25th, 2004 // No Comments » // Holidays!

Have arrived at the track – miles out of town. It is very very hot and very very loud!

Retail Therapy

// September 24th, 2004 // 7 Comments » // Holidays!

Going down Nanjing Road, the main shopping strip – it’s mind blowing!

Old Town

// September 23rd, 2004 // 1 Comment » // Holidays!


Shanghai Suprise

// September 22nd, 2004 // 5 Comments » // Holidays!

Have arrived safely, somewhat tiring plane trip but no dramas. The hotel is amazing! Our room is on 76th floor. This is the view from the foyer. Off to well deserved bed now!

Waiting To Board

// September 21st, 2004 // 8 Comments » // Holidays!

About to depart Auckland for 11 hour flight – over excited but sleepy!

Camper Kitchen

// August 27th, 2004 // 29 Comments » // Holidays!

Jan tidies up. We are parked at Waitomo Caves, going to see them in the morning!

Farewell To Brian Pop

// June 24th, 2004 // 17 Comments » // People

Got word last night that Jan’s beloved grandfather Brian has passed away. He’s been sick for a while so not a suprise but still sad. On our way to Wanganui for funeral. :-(

Temp Office View

// June 16th, 2004 // 1 Comment » // Me

The view out the window from my temporary office in Kingsland. Salubrious!


// June 15th, 2004 // No Comments » // Life

Just missed the ferry to the mainland and have to wait an hour for the next. I am working at Karen’s today as we have no phone or net on Waiheke (we will on Thurs) Anyway it’s a lovely view!

Welcome To Auckland

// June 11th, 2004 // 15 Comments » // Gripes

We have come to a complete stop on the motorway. And this is at 2pm – what’s it like at 6?