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Temp Office View

// June 16th, 2004 // 79 Comments » // Me

The view out the window from my temporary office in Kingsland. Salubrious!


// June 15th, 2004 // 45 Comments » // Life

Just missed the ferry to the mainland and have to wait an hour for the next. I am working at Karen’s today as we have no phone or net on Waiheke (we will on Thurs) Anyway it’s a lovely view!

Welcome To Auckland

// June 11th, 2004 // 195 Comments » // Gripes

We have come to a complete stop on the motorway. And this is at 2pm – what’s it like at 6?

Mt Ruapehu

// June 10th, 2004 // 184 Comments » // Holidays!

Driving along the Desert Road – it’s spectacular! Tried to get a good shot of Mt Doom for you Ant but this was the best.

Out For Lunch

// June 8th, 2004 // 113 Comments » // Kids

Archie at the Rutland Arms Hotel – a Wanganui institution!


// June 3rd, 2004 // 215 Comments » // Holidays!

Hanging in the food court waiting to go. Total luggage was 65 kg so had to pay $50 but we can live with that! See you on the other side…

Cloud Valley

// May 1st, 2004 // 135 Comments » // Holidays!

Beautiful weather up here. Sitting on the balcony breathing the country air, which has given me severe allergies! Arch loves the chickens.

Hardware Stores

// April 16th, 2004 // 148 Comments » // Gripes

..are so boring. Ned and Jan are having a grand time but I am about to pass out. Me & Jessica Simpson have something in common! How much longer?!? Din has confessed she hates it too!

At Cody Chestnutt

// April 14th, 2004 // 66 Comments » // Culture


Easter Show

// April 5th, 2004 // 88 Comments » // Life

Easter Show
It’s a wet afternoon but we are having a great time – went crazy with show bags!