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// September 18th, 2001 // 30 Comments » // Life

Am in a bit of an anxious state at the moment – this whole looming war thing is getting to me! I guess we are a lot safer down here in the Antipodes than in Europe, the U.S. or Afghanistan but am still wishing I was back in New Zealand which somehow feels even more remote. My brother Sam yesterday sent me a great commentary by Tamim Ansary, a writer and columnist in San Francisco who is a native of Afghanistan. It’s both interesting and chilling…. read it here.

Jan has finished work and is living a life of leisure – not! She went to see the midwife yesterday who said that Little Jem was ‘very organised’ – head engaged, all positioned correctly – ready to pop! We still haven’t got a cot. Saw one I loved in the weekend but it was $525, plus another $100 for the mattress. I just can’t seem to justify that to myself!

Went to see A.I. over the weekend and thought it very bizarre…. a strange hodge podge of Kubrick and Spielberg. Even though I didn’t like it much it has still stayed in my mind, something that I have found before with Kubrick films so maybe it does still retain the soul of the bearded one.

Baby Accroutrements

// September 10th, 2001 // 4 Comments » // Life

Had a lovely long weekend (got Friday off) which was very baby themed! Spent Saturday at the final baby class where we learned all about breastfeeding and how to fold a nappy. Fascinating stuff – but really brought home the enormity of the task we have set for ourselves. Then on Sunday my friend Clare brought round about a ton of baby stuff including tons of clothes and such neccessaries as a bouncinette and a swing. So now the baby’s room is packed to the gunnels and we have still got to fit a cot in there! Jan is still going well and this will be her final week of work.

Found a bit of time over the weekend to play Tony Hawk 2, a game I bought for my Playstation late last year but never got around to playing much. It’s great fun and have only got 2 levels left to unlock.

The cats had their testes removed on Thursday and Bootsy’s infected toe was looked at again. He had ripped some of its ligaments and his claw was all wonky so they removed the claw and the first joint of his toe. So now he has a big bandage but still haven’t had to resort to the cone around the head thank god. That would be the ultimate indignity!

The new doors are in at Hugo St and they look bloody good though of course we have to paint them. Am going to lay some lino this week in the kitchen and get it finally ready to rent!

Thanks to Lynne for today’s featured photo from her work junket to Thailand. Glamour!

Sam Fox A Honking Great Dyke

// September 4th, 2001 // 9 Comments » // Lesbian, Life, Science

A team of Japanese engineers has created the smallest statue ever. A three-dimensional bull the size of a red blood cell has been etched in plastic by engineers at Osaka University in Japan.

Jan’s at home today having a busy one with the plumber, the kitchen guy and the termite guy all turning up. Home ownership, always fun.

Another celebrity opens that closet door: Samantha Fox has set up house with her manager Myra Stratton and the couple plan to marry next year. I wouldn’t have picked her at all! But Lynne tells me she has been quite active in the gay scene for the last few years. The full article is here. Best quote is from one of her exes. “She’s decided she would rather bat for the other team,” he said. “Good luck to her; I hope she scores a hundred.” :)

Stupid link of the day: here is the weirdest dog in the world and yes his name is Mr Winkle. Perhaps we could get Ex this kind of pseudo-celebrity, he is pretty weird lookin’ himself!

The Birth Of Birthing

// September 1st, 2001 // 355 Comments » // Life

Had an eventful weekend – went to our first birthing class on Saturday (we are doing 2 Saturdays in a row from 9:30am to 3:30pm). It was fascinating. Saw a couple of birth videos and all the strange implements that they use up in the labour ward like the epidural tube, the forcerps, the vacuum and so on. Hopefully we won’t be requiring any of those as Jan is going to the birthing centre, but they do tend to send you upstairs if there are complications so you never know.

We were the only gay couple there (surprise surprise) but everyone was very nice and there was only one woman who looked at us strangely (and ignored me in the corridor!) After all, it is in Newtown! Next week we learn all about care of the newborn child. We were happy to get our list of things we needed to get before the baby arrives, now we can just tick things off!

Fans of our pets will be happy to note that Bootsy’s photo has finally been added to the right hand column. Have put up some snaps of our new house as well.


// August 22nd, 2001 // 8 Comments » // Internets, Life

Latest position on Junkbot – Employee of the Year! Oh joy. Received for over 40 Gold Awards. I love this game. I really, really love it.

Painting is on track – got both the bedrooms undercoated yesterday with Jake’s help. And let me tell you, they come up bloody well! So at least the front half of the house will be decent. Had to postpone the kitchen person as poor Jan had to take one of her clients to hospital so ended up working from 6am to 10pm – not good for a heavily preggie girl!

Changing Shapes

// August 13th, 2001 // No Comments » // Life

Back at work after a loverly weekend. Went to our first class at the Birthing Centre called ‘Changing Shapes’ – sadly it was too late for Jan as her shape has already changed rather dramatically! Had a great birthday with lots of presents (mmm, presents) and went out for a low key dinner. Hoping to hear about the new house today.