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// August 22nd, 2001 // 8 Comments » // Internets, Life

Latest position on Junkbot – Employee of the Year! Oh joy. Received for over 40 Gold Awards. I love this game. I really, really love it.

Painting is on track – got both the bedrooms undercoated yesterday with Jake’s help. And let me tell you, they come up bloody well! So at least the front half of the house will be decent. Had to postpone the kitchen person as poor Jan had to take one of her clients to hospital so ended up working from 6am to 10pm – not good for a heavily preggie girl!


// August 21st, 2001 // 9 Comments » // Life

Got quite a bit of scraping and filling done last night. Jake has kindly offered to do some painting today and the kitchen person is coming tonight to give us a design and quote. I am getting a little panicked now about baby stuff – cots! pushchairs! hospital bag! I guess we can do that next week. Let’s just hope Little Jem is not early! By the way we have a new top-of-the-list name – Bruno. Mmmm, I like it!

Am still hooked on the Lego Junkbot game. Here’s a wallpaper I made in tribute to it [LINK LOST!]. Be warned, it is 500k and you may need to resize it for screens smaller than 1280×1024.