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Buffy MMO Coming?

// September 6th, 2008 // 627 Comments » // Obsessions

I love MMOs – that’s Massively Multiplayer Online games. I certainly did my time with World of Warcraft. So I was very excited to hear that a Buffy MMO is currently being developed!

More info here.

Also nice to hear about the possibility of a Firefly one too. What a shame I will be too busy studying to lead an alternate life in a vampire-slaying, wise-cracking virtual world. Still, there’s always summer break I guess!

Alan Probe, Amateur Surgeon

// June 6th, 2008 // 334 Comments » // Internets, Obsessions

Just in time for my exams, adult swim have released the third installment of their insanely fun online game, Amateur Surgeon. There is something immensely satisfying about cutting someone’s stomach open with a pizza cutter and then stapling and cauterising them back together again… give it a go!

[UPDATE:] My god, the first level is insanely hard! I’ve killed poor Trent about ten times… those scorpions… argh

Freedom Isn’t Free

// June 21st, 2006 // 898 Comments » // Kids, Study

Yay! I am a free woman! No reading to do, no assignments, no study – at least for two weeks until Semester 2 starts. I was fairly happy with the exams – chemistry could have been better but I am feeling very positive about biology – and am certain I passed both at the very least.

Now of course I have heaps of work on that I’ve been putting off due to study commitments. Also I’m heading up to Hamilton with my Dad this weekend to see my grandmother and help with the sorting out of her house (she has gone into a rest home). Also next week Archie is having a scan done of his thyroid, and they are going to knock him out for it (chances of him lying there perfectly still for an hour – zero). Still I’m certain to get some World of Warcraft played and maybe even update this blog! Hurrah.

Games Are Good

// May 18th, 2006 // 390 Comments » // Geekery, Obsessions

Been reading about the latest Will Wright game that is in development. In case you haven’t heard of Will Wright, he’s the closest thing to Elvis in the world of game designers – made the Sims which is the biggest selling game of all time.

The new one (called Spore) is even more ambitious – you have to take your creation from a single celled organism to a space faring civilization, with all the fun bits of evolution in between. Possibly the most grandiose game of all time! I for one can’t wait. I’m planning to give up real life for a year and just devote myself full time to Spore!!

NZ PSP Release Date Announced

// April 28th, 2005 // 678 Comments » // Toys

Sony has finally announced that the official release date for the PlayStation Portable is Thursday, September 1st. The PSP will only be available in New Zealand as part of a Value Pack that will include the PlayStation Portable system with a pouch, 32MB Memory Stick Duo, Battery Pack, Headphones with Remote Control, AC Adaptor, Wrist strap, cloth and a video/music/game sampler Universal Media Disc (UMD) including several non-interactive game demos. The RRP of the PSP Value Pack is $469.95.

One Week To Go

// September 25th, 2001 // 362 Comments » // Life

Only a week to go till Jan’s due date arrives! I can’t even begin to imagine how our lives are going to change so I have decided to take it one nappy at a time. My mother Helen is arriving on Monday to lend a hand about the place. We have had our capsule installed in the car and are on the verge of buying a cot. Saw Karen & Dennis on Sunday who were heading off for a tour around Australia before they move back to Auckland – boo hoo. But we got a lot of nice furniture from them so can’t complain.

I am still obsessed with Tony Hawk Skateboarding and have also gone into a compulsive music downloading phase which strikes me from time to time! Did a bit of work round at Hugo Street last night, painting the new doors and clearing out the shed etc. It is very close to being ready to rent.

Labour Scare!

// September 20th, 2001 // 463 Comments » // Life

Had a bit of a labour scare last night – Jan started getting strange pains in her belly – we decided they might be contractions but luckily they subsided after about an hour. A little test run perhaps? Anyway it is all very motivating to get the capsule put into the car! Went to see Bridget Jones’ Diary last night and enjoyed it very much – I have an increased respect for Renee Zellweger as she was great. Have been obsessively playing Tony Hawk 2 on my Playstation and getting blisters from the controller! I hope soon to be back to my nicely calloused thumbs though.

Karen sent me a link to the Australian Vaccination Network – a site with a lot of information about the risks of vaccination. So many things to worry about!

Baby Accroutrements

// September 10th, 2001 // 360 Comments » // Life

Had a lovely long weekend (got Friday off) which was very baby themed! Spent Saturday at the final baby class where we learned all about breastfeeding and how to fold a nappy. Fascinating stuff – but really brought home the enormity of the task we have set for ourselves. Then on Sunday my friend Clare brought round about a ton of baby stuff including tons of clothes and such neccessaries as a bouncinette and a swing. So now the baby’s room is packed to the gunnels and we have still got to fit a cot in there! Jan is still going well and this will be her final week of work.

Found a bit of time over the weekend to play Tony Hawk 2, a game I bought for my Playstation late last year but never got around to playing much. It’s great fun and have only got 2 levels left to unlock.

The cats had their testes removed on Thursday and Bootsy’s infected toe was looked at again. He had ripped some of its ligaments and his claw was all wonky so they removed the claw and the first joint of his toe. So now he has a big bandage but still haven’t had to resort to the cone around the head thank god. That would be the ultimate indignity!

The new doors are in at Hugo St and they look bloody good though of course we have to paint them. Am going to lay some lino this week in the kitchen and get it finally ready to rent!

Thanks to Lynne for today’s featured photo from her work junket to Thailand. Glamour!

Zeus Reigns Again

// September 5th, 2001 // Comments Off // Internets, Science

Researchers have used genetic linkage analysis to show a 95% probability that a particular region on chromosome four correlates to long lifespan in humans. Importantly this region appears to have a strong influence on the rate of ageing. Read about it at: 91201. Good news for me as all my grandparents bar one are still alive…

Set up the computer at home last night – very exciting to once again play Zeus and build my little Ancient Greek empire. Then this morning I was so busy showing Jan Mr Winkle on the computer that I missed my bus! Ah the dangers of Mr Winkle obsession. Just had a lunch time haircut, pretty radical eh? The hairdresser had really long nails though and I’m sure that I have suffered a couple of injuries to my scalp and forehead. The price of beauty!

Another great game from Electrotank is Air Hockey – play it ’till you drop! And not quite so graphically appealing but certainly very addictive – Slime Volleyball.

X Box?

// August 29th, 2001 // 231 Comments » // Toys

The new Buffy game is looking fantastic. Maybe I will have to get a X Box after all!

Off to the birthing centre tonight for ‘orientation’ – should be interesting!

Happy birthday Neddles and Karen.