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Me & Sam, 1980

// September 14th, 2010 // 996 Comments » // Life, People

Addicted To Bass (Totally)

// February 4th, 2010 // 600 Comments » // Obsessions

I got a bass guitar a couple of days ago and have been having heaps of fun with it. I’m using a groovy book called “Rock Bass: Beginner To Pro in 40 Days”. Well, we’ll see about that, but certainly it is coming quite easily to me so far and I am even developing calluses already! Now, what other mature absolute beginners want to sign up for my “Old People’s Mediocre Cover Band” (working title)?

Rocking Em

That Time Again

// December 15th, 2008 // 922 Comments » // Internets, Life

Time for Elf Yourself, starring the Walker-Wrights:

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Mental Health

// August 4th, 2005 // 388 Comments » // Internets

Found good lists of manias and phobias at slogrl, and here are the ones I may have or be most likely to develop:

My Phobias
Aviophobia or Aviatophobia- Fear of flying
Kosmikophobia- Fear of cosmic phenomenon (aliens!!).
Logizomechanophobia- Fear of computers.
Phasmophobia- Fear of ghosts.
Tachophobia- Fear of speed.

My Manias
Aboulomania – pathological indecisiveness
Clinomania -excessive desire to stay in bed
Discomania – obsession for disco music
Idolomania- obsession or devotion to idols
Sophomania – delusion that one is incredibly intelligent

My Christmas List

// December 15th, 2004 // 655 Comments » // Obsessions

Desperate for that perfect Emily Christmas present? What to get for the girl who has it all? Here are some ideas:

Xena dragons

Britney’s book report

The Wombles

A woman’s lap

That should get you started!

Big Brother Begins

// May 3rd, 2004 // 1,971 Comments » // Moviesandtv, People

acp: so i am itching to coment on BB
acp: did u see?
britney2008: oh yes, go right ahead
britney2008: yes, watched when we got home (tape worked for once)
acp: so pissed off that they haven’t seemingly changed way of voting [ie still no colluding etc]
acp: and what is the f-ing point of having a 1 million $ prize if they don’t know about it
britney2008: yes, predictable though
acp: and can get all competitive and bitchy
acp: grrrr
britney2008: very true
acp: i hate the way BB is sooo passive
acp: “we treat the contestants with respect”
acp: pffft!
acp: as if that rates!
britney2008: LOL
britney2008: They are all very good looking and skinny this year
acp: love in-fighting and lying and bitching on my TV
acp: not all!
acp: some bad eyebrows on Terri
britney2008: hmm, true
acp: and Igor is a bit hideous

Australia – NZ Relations

// December 4th, 2003 // 306 Comments » // Internets

acp: in nz… no states… what do you have? provinces?
acp: we are collecting addresses online, need to know fields for NZ
britney2008: oh, well leave off provinces, they are only important for rugby
acp: so just address
britney2008: yep
acp: are there suburbs? or just towns/cities
acp: islands?
britney2008: suburbs, not islands
britney2008: here is a typical address:
britney2008: 55 Wade St
britney2008: Wadestown
britney2008: Wellington
britney2008: New Zealand
britney2008: my childhood address btw!
britney2008: ;-)
acp: are all streets named after the suburb? ;-)
britney2008: :P Yes, and they all start with ‘W’
acp: can you just address something:
Umily Welkah,
acp: and it will get there
acp: send to the childhood home… then forwarded c/o Bondi Beach
britney2008: Oh, you are so hilarious
britney2008: Tell me a sheep joke now!
acp: two sheep walk into a baa
acp: no… into a dairy
britney2008: LOL
acp: and one says to the other…
acp: hi
acp: the other says back
acp: hi
acp: the end!
acp: :-|