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Ich Bein Ein Berliner

// September 23rd, 2005 // 544 Comments » // Me

Last night I had a dream set in pre-WW II Berlin. There were two teenage girls in it, one of them was gay and in love with the other one, who was the daughter of Tony Soprano, who was high up in the SS. Steve from NZ Idol also featured as a cabaret singer who fancied Tony’s daughter and kept saying “Ich bein ein Berliner”. It jumped into the present and I was telling Steve how my aunt Deborah spent nearly the whole of WWII in Berlin – but then I realised I was getting her mixed up with Unity Mitford.

Sci Fi Dream

// August 25th, 2005 // 638 Comments » // Me

I had a very vivid movie-like sci fi dream last night. I was on some planet where the surface temperature suddenly got really really hot and we all had to take refuge underground in a bunker. Then the planet started flooding and with the water came these huge aliens that were like Chinese dragons, really fast and big, and they were transparent and could shapeshift. The aliens were killing anyone that went outside and one snuck into our bunker disguised as one of the humans that they’d killed. We managed to kill it but decided that our position was no longer tenable in the bunker. We headed uphill to try and escape the water aliens. At one stage one of them nearly caught me and my friend, but we grabbed hold of its sides so it couldn’t reach us. It was plunging in and out of the water trying to shake us off. Finally we reached the top and became like pets of this alien princess. She had lots of us humans in a little cage in her bedroom as she found us cute. I was sneaking out of the cage at night to try and find a spaceship to get away in.

Strange brain at work again.

Buffy & the Phoenix Foundation

// February 26th, 2005 // 609 Comments » // Me

I dreamed I went to Sydney to have a holiday with my friend Anthony. We got fish and chips, and I told them to make kumera chips which they hadn’t made before. I thought they were delicious but Anthony wasn’t impressed.

We went to see the Phoenix Foundation play a gig in Australia. It was at a roller skate rink that also had a swimming pool. There were heaps of people rollerskating and hanging out. The band started playing at the deep end of the empty swimming pool. Sarah Michelle Gellar was the lead singer! (She didn’t play at all the PF gigs, when she couldn’t get away from Hollywood, Sam took over) They played a whole set of very distinct songs, I remember one was called “We Are American Boys”, which I found an odd song even in the dream! The performance was very theatrical, Sam was running around a lot and changing costumes. But the crowd didn’t seem that into it and gradually it lost their attention. I couldn’t understand why as I thought it was amazing!

Then a tiny son woke me up mid-gig.

What does it all mean?

Topical Dreaming

// November 10th, 2004 // 303 Comments » // Me

Had a very weird dream last night that I was a reporter who volunteered to go to Iraq. We travelled there in a couple of old vans, and all the soldiers were women, mostly quite old and very young.

The compound we arrived at was like a motel but surrounded by high fences, and outside the fences were piles of old rusty cars, like a junkyard. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to see any suicide bombers approaching, but someone reassured me that there were lookouts posted on the perimeter.

Cathy Bradford from ‘The Bill’ was there, Superintendent Okaro had told her to leave the station and she had come to Iraq to prove herself. She was still a complete bitch though.

I was interviewing one of the old lady soldiers and I asked her, “Do you think you will regret your decision to volunteer?”

“I regretted it the moment I stepped off the bus,” she replied.


// October 8th, 2004 // 320 Comments » // Me

I dreamed that Pink was married to Neil Finn but carried on secret gay affairs. Neil and Pink went down the Luge at a party held at the Winter Olympics site.

That’s it!

Dimensional Travel

// August 19th, 2004 // 422 Comments » // Me

Jan and I went back to Australia and it took us ages to find a taxi to get back to our house. Finally we got there and our house was just a pegged off bit of dirt, one of a long line of sections where they were building townhouses. We went to get help from a man we met at the pub and he took us to a space platform thingy, then I realised he was from the future. He went inside and while we were waiting, another man walked by and gave me a telescope. I was looking at the stars and all these spectacular nebulae and things. Suddenly I realised that if I turned a particular knob on the telescope, it would zoom in, all the way to planets and people on the planets, REALLY fast zoom, and you could watch and listen to what was going on. I zoomed in to a planet where there was an old woman lying on a big beanbag thing, and there was a king there with her. He said “What would you like now, some food or a breastfeed?” Then he started breastfeeding the old lady. Suddenly the future man came back and I felt guilty for having the telescope. He told us we had got mixed up and were in another dimension.

Then I was suddenly awoken by Harry crawling all over me!

Litigious Private Schoolboy

// April 10th, 2004 // 476 Comments » // Me

I dreamed I had to go to London for work but I was taking both the kids with me. I found a blog by an old school friend who now lived in London so I decided to go and stay with her. She was married and her husband was a real snob. He started saying to me, “As far as I’m concerned, if you didn’t go to a private school, you didn’t have an education at all.” I was very indignant and told him that his wife had gone to Wellington Girls, a public school. Then he said he was going to sue me for a hundred thousand dollars. I lef there with the kids and went to stay with Org & Ren instead. They were living in a big hostel and doing a stage show in the cafeteria every night to pay their board, and smoking huge bongs. Then I woke up.

Breeding & Kittens

// March 25th, 2004 // 423 Comments » // Me

Strange disjointed dreams last night – probably because Arch woke up at 2:20 and then 5:15. I dreamed that Jan was pregnant again and I was all like “Hey! I was supposed to go next!”. Then I found these five tiny little kittens on our floor, they were all white and very very young, I was desperately tucking them into a box and trying to get them to eat things, but one of them died. I went out to the shack and it was 6:30 am, the door burst open and Ned & Dins came out, going “Now that we’ve got an alarm clock, we’re going to get up at 6:30 every morning!”

Ooh, and I just had a flashback of another scene where I was at an English cabinet meeting, and we were planning to kill all the Nazis in England. Some woman was saying “The Irish killed off all their Nazis after WWII, and since then they’ve had constant peace and green fields.”

Are Kiwis Chickens?

// March 22nd, 2004 // 569 Comments » // Me

New concept – recording my dreams for the unsuspecting readers of this blog – fascinating I’m sure.

In my first dream, I was in the driveway of our house, desperately loading bags into the boot of the car. War had broken out in Australia and we were trying to flee the country. On the radio the announcer was saying “500,000 New Zealanders are today trying to leave Australia and return to their homeland”

In the second dream, Jan and I were up at the northern beaches of Sydney, and we decided we were going to move there. We went into a chemist and this woman asked me if I could be a “witness” to her prescription – I had to sign it and fill out all these forms. Then we went to a huge “Pirates of the Carribean” amusement park and climbed all this scaffolding stuff.