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Latest Phoenix Vid Is Very Amusing

// April 10th, 2008 // 43 Comments » // Culture, Kids, Life

Here’s the latest video from my brother Sam’s band The Phoenix Foundation. Gosh his beard is getting rather bushy! It is an ace video though. How did they get Will to agree to those tiny tiny shorts?

Buy their album Happy Ending! It is a work of GENIUS I tells ya.

While we’re on a YouTube kick, Archie has just mastered using the computer and is a genius at cruising YouTube finding WEIRD SHIT. Here is his current favourite clip:

That boy is going to need his own Facebook page soon.

Carers’ Bonus Payment In Doubt

// March 10th, 2008 // 57 Comments » // Disability

I was very surprised to read in the paper yesterday that the Rudd Labor Government is considering scrapping the $1600 bonus that is paid annually to people caring for sick and disabled Australians (including our little Archie!)

This money is used by people for all sorts of wonderful, necessary and useful things for their dependents. We were going to use ours for respite care for Archie.

Please if you have a moment, sign the petition on the Daily Telegraph website: Caring for carers | The Daily Telegraph

Post-Emigration Update!

// February 22nd, 2008 // No Comments » // Kids, Life

Uniform Archie #2We’re settling in pretty well in the new land. In some ways it’s like we’ve never been away! The new house is a ramshackle beast, very roomy, set amongst a tangled jungle of weeds and exotic plants. I spotted a blue tongued lizard yesterday near the letter box but it quickly vanished into the undergrowth. There will definitely be some lizard hunts! On the downside, the landlords seem a little reluctant to spend any money fixing a couple of glaring issues (dishwasher doesn’t work, flooding in hallway when it rains). If we could get those sorted out, it’d be damn near perfect!

Archie has started at his new school, Marrickville West PS. All going well so far though he is only attending 2 hours a day over this transition period. It should start increasing soon. Harry is lucky to have found a spot for two days a week as there is a real shortage of preschooler places in the Inner West. He’s going to a child care centre which is a little more pricey but he can attend longer hours for those two days. We’ll see how it works out.

I have been working pretty much as usual, though as we haven’t had teh internets at home, I have been travelling into the city to a desk kindly loaned to me by a mate in Kent St. It has been great being in the hustle and bustle but the commuting is a bummer – either a half hour walk to the train station and then another half hour on the train; or a fifty minute bus ride, standing up most of the way. Still gotta suss that out, there must be a better way! Finally we have teh internets now so I am setting up shop in the basement room.

The BeastHave been enjoying all the stuff Sydney has to offer such as Ikea, much fun with the gays (Fair Day and Mardi Gras Parade coming up), slow traffic and the Marrickville Metro. Haven’t really caught up with any of our mates here yet but that will come now that we are finally settled!

Oh, and we have a nice new car nicknamed “The Beast” (or sometimes “Shrek” as it is large and green). It’s a 4WD Mitsubishi Delica van, seats seven, all the seats fold up to make it a van, or fold flat so you can sleep in it. We love it! But have to pick our parking buildings carefully as it is very tall – doesn’t fit in a 2m high gap.

Like Mother, Like Son

// October 9th, 2007 // 9 Comments » // Kids, Life

Yesterday Archie walked in the door from school, put Prince on the stereo and then sat at the kitchen table to read “Habitat” magazine. He is a rather unusual six year old! He discovered an old Prince compilation of mine and it’s currently his favourite. It is pleasant after the unending rounds of Bob the Builder and other tv themes that were popular a week ago. And luckily he’s non-verbal so he won’t be repeating the lyrics to “Erotic City” or “Irresistable Bitch” in the school playground… hmm…

Tooth Fairy

// October 8th, 2007 // 9 Comments » // Kids, Life

Archie's Paypal buttonThe tooth fairy has visited our house for the first time! Archie has lost one of his bottom canines. It was wobbly for a while and then it popped out – no doubt with a little help from Jan who was obsessed with wiggling it. It seems rather freaky that all his teeth are going to drop out one by one… eep!

In other news, Rebecca has spotted that Archie seems to be the face of an Italian Down Syndrome site. Flickr has all sorts of odd knock on effects!

Ratbag Drummer Boy

// February 22nd, 2007 // 31 Comments » // Kids, Life, Obsessions

Divil's Music

Sam sent me this pic of Harry having a bash over Christmas. What a rocker!

Archie is going great at school, apart from being sick for 50% of the days so far. Hopefully that is just a temporary aberration, he is back now and raring to go.

I have just discovered Threadless and am obsessed, though as yet unable to afford any of the t-shirts. Why don’t you buy one and that’ll get me $3 towards my own! Or even better, just buy me one of these cos you love me… or this one… mmm there is nothing like a good t-shirt!

He’s Off!

// February 14th, 2007 // 61 Comments » // Kids, Life

Archie on his first day of school:

First Day At School!

He is very excited!

Archie’s Big Day

// February 13th, 2007 // 36 Comments » // Kids, Life

Archie finally starts school tomorrow (after a week long delay while the school found a teacher aide for him). He is very excited! And we are very nervous…. Here’s hoping it all goes well! What a momentous day!

Another momentous day is not far off, the annual Jems Oscar bash! Invites will be sent out shortly so keep 26th Feb free.

Archie Goes Under the Knife

// December 14th, 2006 // 9 Comments » // Culture, Kids, Life

Archie had his adenoids and tonsils out yesterday! He stayed in hospital last night but is home now, having a fine old time watching DVDs and eating ice cream. Hopefully this will help him with his constant colds.

And on an unrelated topic, Natalie Portman is a tough motherf***er:

My Boys!

// December 1st, 2006 // 9 Comments » // Kids, Life

Best Dressed