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Mena Outed?

// June 24th, 2005 // 58 Comments » // Culture, Gaysville

Mena and friend

Mena Suvari spotted emerging from a “gay hangout” in Venice Beach with her arms around a rather obvious sapphic type. Of course now she must be TOTALLY GAY, especially since she played a LESBIAN on Six Feet Under!!

Still, it would be nice…


// June 24th, 2005 // 34 Comments » // Gaysville, Life


Me mum found this in the National Library archives.

We’re off to see the Phoenix Foundation tonight at Indigo – they’re not starting until 11:15pm! Seems horrendously late to me nowadays. Still I am greatly looking forward to it.

Closet Door Squeaks Open

// June 23rd, 2005 // 33 Comments » // Culture, Gaysville

Lesley Gore, 60′s singing sensation of such hits as It’s My Party and You Don’t Own Me, has come out as a lesbian. Turns out she’s been living with another woman for the last 23 years. Not really a secret either, but still nice to add another celebrity to the sisterhood!


// June 7th, 2005 // 45 Comments » // Culture, Gaysville, Life

Feeling much better after a long weekend of lesbian movies and lying in bed playing the Sims 2 (laptops do have definite advantages when ill). I discovered that playing video games is a great way to distract oneself from bodily aches and pains!

Went to three movies at the OutTakes G&L Film Festival currently on at the Paramount. A mixed bag. First a low budget Wellington film called Sleeping On The Floor. The director was there and gave us all a speech about how happy he was to have a screening, and thanks all for coming, etc. Then shockingly, about 4/5ths of the way through, the DVD they were playing it off crapped out! About 20 minutes was spent trying to get it to go before they gave up. The poor director was stomping around going “three and a half years down the toilet”!

A re-screening is going to be scheduled. But honestly how hard is it to a) have a backup disc and b) have a backup DVD player? Pretty slack on someone’s part.

The movie itself? Well I was enjoying it, pretty low budget and mostly improvised, but nice to see the story of a young Wellington cafe worker falling in love with her friend. Jan however thought it was pretty crap!

Have also seen D.E.B.S. – utterly fantastic, very funny, light hearted Charlie’s Angels-esque comedy queer romp – and Round Trip – Israeli bus driving woman falls for Nigerian illegal hospital cleaner – rather grim and the kissing was not good. Never underestimate the importance of the kissing!!

It’s A Nice Day For A White Civil Union

// March 16th, 2005 // 64 Comments » // Gaysville, Politics

The Relationships (Statutory References) Bill was passed yesterday by the NZ Parliament. This is the piece of legislation that changes all existing laws to give civil unions (mostly) equality with marriage. There are still some gaps in the “equality” though, the right to adoption has not been extended and also civil union partners of NZ citizens will not have the right of NZ citizenship. Quite important areas but I for one am happy with what what’s been achieved so far, and will leave the rest to fight another day.

So now me and Jan just have to get the white dresses, cake and marquee ready.

Oh, and save up $10000 to pay for it all.


// March 14th, 2005 // 106 Comments » // Culture, Gaysville, Life

Was awoken by a earthquake early this morning.. it was quite a slow but strong shaking. Our first instinct was to rush and grab the children, luckily it stopped just as we were about to burst into their bedrooms or it would have been a very early start to the day. Earthquakes are strange when you have been away from them for so long – I remember barely noticing them as a child. Now I find them a little freaky. Seems like the older one gets, the more fear one acquires – natural I guess!

Life in Newtown is going swimmingly. Made good progress with the unpacking. Went to the Gay & Lesbian fair on Saturday – lots of lesbian mums there and a great atmosphere. Nice to see the rainbow flags flying!

Edward MossWe have got Sky and last night discovered that E! has coverage every day of the Michael Jackson trial WITH RE-ENACTMENTS! It’s genius! The guy re-enacting Michael is very good – hasn’t said a word yet but looks very convincing. It’s on at 6:30pm and 10:30pm EVERY DAY!

Update: Here is a great pic of Edward Moss getting into makeup as Michael…

The process

Happy Mardi Gras!

// March 5th, 2005 // 32 Comments » // Gaysville, Geekery

Mardi Gras day in Sydney today. Have a happy and safe night everyone! Wish we could be there! I hope the weather is good for the parade too.

Just got an email from my webhost provider saying they would like me to switch from Movable Type as the comment spam is loading up the server too much. Good timing for the switch to WordPress. I still have MT installed on here so will have to back up all the data and uninstall it this week, in amongst moving and everything else.

UPDATE: Here is a gallery of photos from the Parade and a report (Sydney Morning Herald)

Melissa’s New Look

// February 21st, 2005 // 54 Comments » // Gaysville

The Happy Couple

Just found this pic of Melissa Etheridge and her wife Tammy Lynn Michaels at the Grammy Awards. If you didn’t know, ME is undergoing chemo for breast cancer. Damn good look though I think and good on her for shunning the wig and hitting the Grammy’s with the chrome dome!

She also performed a Janis Joplin number, now I’m wishing I’d watched the Grammys…

Melissa Rocks!


// February 21st, 2005 // 1 Comment » // Gaysville, Internets, Life

I hurt after an exhausting day geocaching yesterday. I got carried away trying to find the Cape Palliser cache and ended up scaling this huge rock, convinced it was just under my nose. Then suddenly realised I was 100 feet or so off the ground!! Didn’t have any luck finding the cache either in the end, dammit. But we did get to see some seals and have a paddle at a completely deserted beach. It was very hot and sunny. Fun day out! But god knows what new muscles I have discovered! Ouch.

Got hit by 500 pieces of comment spam again yesterday. Work is a little more calm so I’m going to start experimenting with WordPress and see how easy I can make the switch. The biggest concern is the photoblog part of the site, which I have a good system going for in MT. We’ll see.

And ACP’s fliers and other designs were out and about at Fair Day yesterday – here is the proof!


Do You Have An Anti-Racist Friend?

// February 18th, 2005 // 86 Comments » // Gaysville

Here is some artwork that my good friend has done for a brochure that’s going to be distributed at Fair Day this Sunday… oops, quick moment while I bemoan our non-attendance at upcoming Fair Day… wah! Okay, over it now.

Apparently lots of anti-Asian discrimination in the gay scene has been coming to light in the last few months. I come across quite a bit here in Enzed too. People just can’t cope with difference sometimes,even when they are different themselves. But I do like the way this brochure refers to “kindness” instead of “tolerance” – I hate the concept of tolerance as to me, tolerating something is not a positive attitude…

antiracism.jpg antiracism-back.jpg

Anyway, well done to you ACP, they look great. You definitely should give up your day job!!