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Time Out

// November 14th, 2005 // 11 Comments » // Kids, Life, People

Jan had got to the end of her fulltime mummy tether by last Friday afternoon, so it was time for a weekend off from children. I took the boys up to my mother’s house in Greytown (about an hour’s drive from Wellington) for the weekend. They are both sick with colds and thus rather ratbaggery, but we still managed to have a lovely time. It’s so beautiful out there. We drove around a lot listening to Kate Bush (I think I’ve converted Noo Noo) and took the boys to an animal park on Sunday, which they loved! Archie liked the chickens best and seemed to be having deep conversations with them. Harry loved the ostrich until it bit his finger! It bled a bit but was quite small – a very exotic injury though. Handfeeding ostriches is a risky business. Jan had a very relaxing childless time and was positively glowing when we returned last night. Thanks Noo Noo for having us – now summer’s here I think we’ll be spending lots of weekends in the Wairarapa.

All About Jan

// September 13th, 2005 // 58 Comments » // Life, People

Jan ModelsJan is the hidden woman behind the blog – she who knows of the blog but never bloody reads it – she who refuses point blank to ever post anything on it herself – she who spends all her internet time at Trade Me.

Despite this, her presence hangs over every word like an invisible filmy haze of Jan-ness. Thus here is an update all about Jan. I did invite Jan herself to compose it but she was reluctant to dip her toe into the puddle of Jemsweb.

Jan’s big news is that she has stopped smoking for just over a week now! Except for one drunken cigarette at my dad’s tablewarming party. Jan does miss some things about Sydney:

  • our Sydney friends and family
  • the cheap feta
  • the cheap electricity
  • turkish bread
  • the car wash place in Mascot

But she is really loving Wellington and being back in New Zealand. I’ve often heard her say “it just feels like home”.

Jan is glad that I’m having the next baby, but a little bit sad as well. She thinks her body is ready for another one. She would be really angry at me if I had twins, and would probably go back to work and make me look after them!

Jan works very hard looking after the two ratbags day in and day out. She is a very caring and supportive mum. She’s also thinking a bit about what she’d like to do work-wise when they get a bit older. At the moment she wants to be a kindy teacher!

Jan is currently into the following tv:

At the moment, Jan is reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything. And she’s enjoying the music of the Phoenix Foundation and Fat Freddy’s Drop.

This has been All About Jan. According to Emily.

New Home

// August 24th, 2005 // 60 Comments » // Geekery, People

Okay, after some DRAMAS with moving the site, it’s now all transferred over to the new server at Digital Pacific. Please let me know if you come across any weirdness. Hopefully all will be smooth.

We’ve got some people coming over for lunch today who are the only other lesbians in the world* with a child with Down Syndrome – and they live 40mins drive away! What are the chances? Their little girl is 9 months younger than Archie. Should be fun.

*as far as we have been able to ascertain without putting any great effort into looking

Long Lost Australians

// August 2nd, 2005 // 34 Comments » // People

Long Lost Australians

Isn’t it nice that people think of me when they run into each other at the Marrickville Metro?

Anthony, Dins and Ned did just that.

Miss you lot lots!

American Glyndles

// July 20th, 2005 // No Comments » // Books, People

Glyn left our place at 5:00am this morning, on his way to his new life in Los Angeles. Jan is quite sad about his emigration. But I think it’s really positive – he’ll be with the woman he loves and doing what he loves too. Besides it’s a great excuse to go to the States for a holiday!

I am halfway through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and enjoying it a lot. Some reviewer summed it up when he said “J.K. Rowling is not a great writer. She is, however, a brilliant storyteller.” It is quite gripping even though not much has happened. And at least Harry is more sympathetic this time, not like Book 5 where I just wanted to strangle him!

Sadly I am having technical difficulties with my new 300Gb hard drive – it got totally corrupted last night and I was forced to format it. I have changed a setting in the device manager so will see if that makes any difference. Bloody hardware, ergh.

Farewell To Brian Pop

// June 24th, 2004 // 17 Comments » // People

Got word last night that Jan’s beloved grandfather Brian has passed away. He’s been sick for a while so not a suprise but still sad. On our way to Wanganui for funeral. :-(

Big Brother Begins

// May 3rd, 2004 // 22 Comments » // Moviesandtv, People

acp: so i am itching to coment on BB
acp: did u see?
britney2008: oh yes, go right ahead
britney2008: yes, watched when we got home (tape worked for once)
acp: so pissed off that they haven’t seemingly changed way of voting [ie still no colluding etc]
acp: and what is the f-ing point of having a 1 million $ prize if they don’t know about it
britney2008: yes, predictable though
acp: and can get all competitive and bitchy
acp: grrrr
britney2008: very true
acp: i hate the way BB is sooo passive
acp: “we treat the contestants with respect”
acp: pffft!
acp: as if that rates!
britney2008: LOL
britney2008: They are all very good looking and skinny this year
acp: love in-fighting and lying and bitching on my TV
acp: not all!
acp: some bad eyebrows on Terri
britney2008: hmm, true
acp: and Igor is a bit hideous

Lunch At Danny’s

// March 28th, 2004 // No Comments » // People


Happy Birthday Maddy

// August 16th, 2001 // 8 Comments » // Culture, Music, People

Happy birthday to Madonna! And let’s not forget the King who died this day… or did he?

Just had a chat to me bruvver Sam on a great new chatroom they have set up at their site…. check it out at And go vote for Sam’s band – they are up for Unreleased Song of the Year at BFM. Vote here for Phoenix Foundation – Loaf. Go Sammy!

Settlement on track for 3pm this afternoon. Please cross all available appendages for us.

Some great gossip in the Popbitch email today which I just have to reproduce here.

  • Is Stevie Wonder really blind? According to Sam, of Motown legends Sam and Dave, the great man has always had partial sight. Insiders claim that Stevie’s blindness made great PR when he was a child artist, but that this made it impossible to retract the story – leaving his ability to see as “the greatest secret in the music industry”.

  • In 1984, Marilyn (superstar tranny) received a letter from the mother of a terminally ill girl whose biggest wish was to meet the star. His manager Paul Caplin arranged for mum and daughter to come up to London, where they spent a great day out with Maz. Back at Paul’s flat, they were about to leave for home, when Maz asked them to wait, as he had a present to give them. He handed the girl a small parcel, which she eagerly opened. It was a book on reincarnation. Inside the front cover Marilyn had written ‘Better luck next time – love Marilyn’.”

Due to popular demand, I have added the animal members of the family to the pictures on the right. Sadly all our photos of Bootsy are packed up ready for the move but I’m sure his smiling face will be greeting you soon.