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Semester 1, 2010

// February 24th, 2010 // 28 Comments » // Health, Study

I have FINALLY decided what units I am going to do this semester. Not a moment too soon as the semester starts on Monday! I have already got special permission to enrol in 2 senior (3rd year) units and am just waiting on the official stamp of approval for my degree transfer, from Bachelor of Medical Science to Bachelor of Science.

The great thing about this plan is that I don’t need to decide yet what my second major will be (Neuroscience is the first). I can investigate a bit more and then decide before 2nd semester whether it will be Immunology, Cell Pathology or Biology/Genetics.

For those of you who give a stuff, here are the units I’m doing. If you don’t give a stuff, it’s quite understandable!

PCOL2011 – Pharmacology Fundamentals
This unit of study examines four basic areas in Pharmacology: (1) principles of drug action (2) pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism (3) autonomic and endocrine pharmacology, and (4) drug design. The delivery of material involves lectures, practicals, computer-aided learning and problem-based workshops. Practical classes provide students with the opportunity of acquiring technical experience and teamwork skills. Problem-based workshops are based on real-life scenarios of drug use in the community. These workshops require students to integrate information obtained in lectures in order to provide solutions to the problems.

IMMU2101 – Introductory Immunology
This unit of study will provide an overview of the human immune system and essential features of immune responses. The lecture course begins with a study of immunology as a basic research science. This includes the nature of the cells and molecules that recognise antigens and how these cells respond at the cellular and molecular levels. Practical/tutorial sessions will illustrate particular concepts introduced in the lecture program. Further lectures and self-directed learning sessions will integrate this fundamental information into studies of mechanisms of host defence against infection, transplantation as well as dysfunction of the immune system including allergy, immunodeficiency and autoimmune diseases and cancer.

NEUR3001 – Neuroscience: Special Senses
The aim of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system and to the main concepts of processing of sensory information. Understanding basic sensory transduction mechanisms and the function of the sensory systems is necessary to understand how perceptual processes work in normal and disease conditions and provides a gateway to unravel the complexity of the mind. Basic aspects of low and high level sensory processing in all sense modalities will be covered, with a special emphasis in the auditory and visual systems. The relationship between sensory systems, perception and higher cognitive functions will be addressed.

NEUR3002 – Neuroscience: Motor Systems & Behaviour
The aim of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the structure and function of the nervous system. Our current knowledge of how the brain works is based on the analysis of the normal structure of the nervous system and its pathways, the functional effects of lesions and neurological diseases in different parts of the nervous system, and the way that nerve cells work at the molecular, cellular and integrative level. This course focuses on to the neural circuits and the mechanisms that control somatic and autonomic motor systems, motivated behaviours, emotions, and other higher order functions. The lecture series addresses the different topics, each of which offers special insight into the function of the nervous system in health and disease.

Now I am just crossing my fingers that the vestibular migraines stay far far away. I’ve got an MRI on Saturday just to rule out any kind of cerebrovascular malformation so they can put me on migraine medication if the migraines come back. I hate MRIs! Luckily my nice neurologist is prescribing me Valium this time. Maybe it’ll even be fun!

Jake Hits The Internets

// February 16th, 2010 // No Comments » // People

My brother Jake Walker is a painter extraordinaire and has put a whole bunch of his recent work online for the enjoyment and edification of the world. He’s based in Melbourne at the moment but his work definitely has a New Zealand flavour. He does some fantastic stuff, I suggest you check it out and even better, go to one of his shows if you get the chance!

Tourism Exhaustion

// February 14th, 2010 // 2 Comments » // Life, People

Sydney visitor and scenic landmarks!

I’ve had a fun four days with my friend Annemiek visiting from New Zealand. I took her around the tourist traps of Sydney. Now I have sore feet and a happy but exhausted demeanour. Here’s a few of the highlights we took in:

- Ikea (FIRST destination)
- Harbour Bridge / Milson’s Point / Luna Park / Domain
- Sydney University
- Darling Harbour
- Powerhouse Museum
- Monorail
- Chinatown
- “Wicked” at the Capitol Theatre
- Taronga Zoo
- German beer and food at Essen restaurant
- Apple Store
- Pitt St Mall (such as it is at the moment with massive renovations underway)
- Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Phew! No wonder I am a little sleepy. Lots of fun though – especially Wicked – what a show!! God, I don’t remember the Zoo being that expensive though. $41 for an adult? Really Taronga Zoo? Really?

It all did wonders for my foursquare stats too.

My Viral Video

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Just discovered that this YouTube clip of mine has had 32,000 hits thanks to Jan commenting on the ram, “They’re very horny, aren’t they?”.


Harry: The Bathroom Sessions

// January 27th, 2010 // 13 Comments » // HomeMovies, Kids

Recorded these performances from Harry a few weeks ago while doing the morning bathroom routine. Watch and be amazed!

Chinese Song
In Australia, kids learn a second language from the first year of school. We got a choice of three and Harry picked Chinese (the other two choices were Vietnamese and Arabic, pretty cool huh?). Here’s Harry doing a Chinese song. I have no idea if a) this actually is Chinese and b) what on earth he is saying, but I like it!

Dinosaur Song (Crash, Boom, Thump)
After the success of the Chinese song, Harry followed up with another song that he learned at school. A very spirited rendition with scary actions!

Hoedown Throwdown
For his final number, Harry chose a cover of a popular track by Miley Cyrus. Archie has been obsessed with this song and for a couple of MONTHS we had to have it every morning in the car on the way to school. (We’ve moved on to “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift now – yes, Archie is a TWEEN!).

Traumatising Children With Sarah Haskins

// January 23rd, 2010 // 489 Comments » // Internets, Kids

Harry has been greatly affected by the accidental viewing (on his mother’s iPhone) of a Sarah Haskins podcast. For those not familiar with Sarah, she does a weekly biting satire of US commercials aimed at women on various topics, “Target: Women”.

Here’s the podcast in question:

Lessons Harry has learned from this video:

- “My boobs are jealous of my butt” is the most hilarious phrase ever uttered and should be repeated at 5 minute intervals throughout the day. Or “Stupid butt!” is an acceptable alternative.
- Calling someone a “super hot sex babe” is also very funny
- Husbands are idiots
- The “digestive system” is something to be feared, especially when lying in your bed late at night, as it may crawl in and attack you at any moment with lightning bolts

Yet another reason you shouldn’t let your 6 year old near your iPhone.

New Phoenix Foundation EP For Christmas!

// December 11th, 2009 // 29 Comments » // Music, People

Merry Kriskmass

The Phoenix Foundation, one of NZ’s most popular bands and featuring my very own little bro Samuel, have just released a new ep “Merry Kriskmass” available for download and as usual it is effing awesome!

Here’s what the band had to say:

‘’I feel no pain, feel no fear, for the Krisk is a white reindeer” …. yes, a small stuffed white man and a reindeer have somehow managed to inspire our brand new little EP called Merry Kriskmass.

This fun, slightly odd 6-track EP managed to enter our lives during the time we were supposed to be recording our new album, providing much needed distraction from the often-gruelling album recording process. So much so, that we decided to share it with you in the hope that perhaps it brings some extra Christmas cheer.

We hope you enjoy. New album coming next year, and MEEEEERRY KRISKMASS.

Buy it here!

Of Mice And More Mice

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We got Harry two mice for his birthday on November 1st. He christened them Freddo Black and Red Eye and the whole family including me & Jan fell in love with mouse ownership. So cute! So little! Such a nice wee cage! We had been keeping the door of Harry’s room shut so the cats didn’t torment them, but didn’t seriously think the cats could get into the cage. However we were proved wrong when Bootsy got in around 11pm one night and somehow knocked the cage off the dresser. The bottom fell off the cage and Red Eye made a run for it. He was quickly despatched by the experienced paw of the mouser extraordinaire. Me & Jan were there seconds later but Red Eye was breathing his last on the floor.

Tragedy! Harry was pretty upset but I think Jan was the most upset of all. Luckily Freddo Black was still cowering in the corner of the cage. He seemed pretty traumatised and lonely without his buddy. So we went to the pet shop to get a replacement mouse for company. Harry picked a cute little brown and white mouse and named him Nibbler. Unfortunately Freddo took an instant dislike to Nibbler and started chasing him around the the cage biting his tail. Nibbler now just cowers in the corner.

We’ve ended up buying another cage to join on and give them more space (didn’t work), dabbing vanilla all over the cage and both mice (didn’t work), and buying a third mouse to try and break the tension (welcome, Vanilla Ice). After a few battles Freddo now accepts Vanilla Ice as an equal, but poor Nibbler is still cowering in the corner! What to do!

Here’s a video of Red Eye in his prime as we like to remember him:

Harry Made This For Ned’s Birthday

// August 29th, 2009 // No Comments » // Kids

Click the sideways image to see some more pics from Ned’s birthday brunch.

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Posterous Video Experiment

// July 6th, 2009 // No Comments » // HomeMovies

Download now or watch on posterous

20090101122204.mpg (31220 KB)

I am testing out my new Posterous account by sending it a video and seeing what happens! Theoretically it should post to my blog, Twitter and Facebook all at once.

This video is of our resident blue tongued lizard, Gerald.

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