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Green Nappies

// August 9th, 2005 // 90 Comments » // Life, Toys

We’ve been using biodegrable disposable nappies for the last week or so. Karen discovered them for sale in NZ over the internet and they are a very reasonable price, about the same as Huggies. You can put them straight into the compost! Sadly we go through so many that I don’t think we’ll be able to compost them all, but surely they are much better in landfill than your standard plasticised and bleached “disposable” nappy. And performance wise, they have not let us down. I reckon they are better on little bottoms too as they don’t contain any chlorine bleach. Recommended to all lazy disposable using parents out there.

It’s my birthday on Friday and my first present arrived today from Kingsland, Auckland… it’s got me quite excited!! Of course I am saving it until Friday…


// July 14th, 2005 // 51 Comments » // Toys

The Warehouse in Lyall Bay is no longer the biggest one in the world! They’ve just opened a new 11,000-square-metre operation at Te Rapa, Hamilton.

The Warehouse wanted to make its stores more convenient and the Te Rapa store was a “laboratory”.

“Everyone has more disposable income and less time,” Mr Morrice said.

The Warehouse innovations at Te Rapa include five information kiosks, wider aisles and six helpers for shoppers.

A Grab and Go section offers bread, milk, eggs, magazines and heat-and-eat meals.

However, the store was not the hypermarket concept under development, Mr Morrice said.

That concept – to compete more directly with supermarkets – was still under development. read full story

The HYPERMARKET! You would really lose track of time inside that puppy!

NZ PSP Release Date Announced

// April 28th, 2005 // 51 Comments » // Toys

Sony has finally announced that the official release date for the PlayStation Portable is Thursday, September 1st. The PSP will only be available in New Zealand as part of a Value Pack that will include the PlayStation Portable system with a pouch, 32MB Memory Stick Duo, Battery Pack, Headphones with Remote Control, AC Adaptor, Wrist strap, cloth and a video/music/game sampler Universal Media Disc (UMD) including several non-interactive game demos. The RRP of the PSP Value Pack is $469.95.

Obsessive Compulsive Biscuit Consumption

// March 23rd, 2005 // 85 Comments » // Life, Toys

Even after six months of living in New Zealand, I am still finding exciting aspects of NZ life that I had forgotten about. Another one came up this week – Girl Guide biscuits! I don’t think they have this concept in Australia, at least I never saw them. Girl Guides sell big boxes of these specially made biscuits to fundraise, and mother’s next-door-neighbour was selling them. So she picked us up a box.

The joy of GG biscuits is not solely in their taste (though they are quite delicious and made by Griffins), but also in the challenge of consuming them. As a child I would spend hours nibbling around the logo in an effort to perfectly cut it out from the surrounding biscuit. I have attempted to recreate these efforts in the following photos. Sadly my technique has atrophied a little and there are some rough edges!

The pristine biscuit Trimmed of excess biscuitage

I have been flat out on a work project, still am actually. Can’t wait for a more laidback time – soon, soon.

Move Over iPod

// February 25th, 2005 // No Comments » // Geekery, Toys

psp.jpgMy god, the new Playstation Portable looks like a dream machine! Not only hand held gaming but music, video, photos. And will retail in Australia for $350 – 400 – pretty cheap for such a device. Guess what’s going to be top of the Christmas list this year?

Here’s an interesting article in the SMH about the PSP.

How To Tell A Fake Rolex

// November 7th, 2004 // No Comments » // Toys

The second hand on a fake Rolex moves in a jerky tick tick fashion. The second hand on a real Rolex moves in a smooth sweeping motion.

Dammit, I thought the illusion was foolproof!

Foreign Shopping

// October 15th, 2004 // No Comments » // Holidays!, Toys

I thought I’d share with you my three favourite purchases on my trip.

1 :: Fake Rolex
Everywhere you went in Shanghai, hawkers were trying to sell you Rolexes. After Max bought one in People’s Square, I decided I really wanted one too! Ned found this at the Xiang Yang Fashion Market, a stallholder had a stash in a secret box in the back of the stall. We managed to bargain him down to US$12, he seemed pretty miserable with that so maybe it was a good deal – or maybe he was a good actor! Anyway, it is a great replica – has a crystal scratch-resistant face, see-through back with self winding mechanism, not to mention the major bling factor! I just hope no one mugs me for it!

2 :: Patch Sneakers
We spent roughly 35% of our time in Tokyo in shoe shops, as Jake and Max were looking for something special. The range of shoes in Shibuya was astounding. Incredible varieties of Chuck Taylors and Vans. I even bought Archie a tiny pair of Vans. But I didn’t want any shoes – until the moment Max brought these to my attention and I fell in love. Any item that combines Ren & Stimpy, Snoop Dogg & NWA in a shoe form has got to be good! (Just some of the patches on these shoes)

3 :: Helvetica T-Shirt
Jake found a great shop in Tokyo with cool designer t-shirts, and this was one – the perfect shirt for web designers everywhere! Helvetica is of course a font, and on this shirt the word Helvetica is written in… Helvetica! It’s genius! I would have liked a Tahoma or Verdana one though.

Xena Madness

// August 11th, 2004 // No Comments » // Culture, Toys

HarperWell, I went to get the Xena table and lo and behold, the seller also had a harp from the Xena prop auction, which she agreed to sell me instead of the table! The table was fine, not polystyrene, but had strange floral top, which she assured me was genuine, just not what I was expecting! So I got the harp instead. It is spectacular! And apparently she has a photo somewhere of Xena ‘playing’ it too. She is going to post it to me when she comes across it.

This one shouldn’t be too hard to spot in an episode! It looks kind of Egyptian… I’m thinking one of those later Cleopatra type eps perhaps – or maybe that harem one – I will investigate.

Anyway, it is my birthday present so – thanks Jan! xxx It’s my birthday tomorrow. Excitement! I suppose I should put a wishlist up in case I have any anonymous rich readers… but somehow that doesn’t seem very likely.

More Xena Goodies

// August 10th, 2004 // 32 Comments » // Toys

I have another exciting Xena item on the hop – a Xena / Hercules prop table!

It has been offered to me for $50 but it seems a lot for a table that I cannot see properly in the photo.

What do my loyal blog readers suggest?!?

Weekend In Auckland

// August 9th, 2004 // No Comments » // Life, Toys

Had a good weekend – Noo Noo came and spent the day with us on Saturday which was great as we haven’t been able to have much quality time as she is Grandma-sitting. Lovely to catch up with her properly and the boys were very happy to spend some time with her. We all went to St Lukes, a little slice of Westfield mall shopping heaven, NN bought toys for the boys at Toyworld including a very cute stuffed Buzz Lightyear. Also went to Pumpkin Patch, a fantastic childrenswear label. Normally it’s quite pricey but it was winter sale time so we got a lot of half price outfits. Lots of olive green & orange “Bear Mountain Rangers” stuff for Archie, all mix and match. Joy!

On Sunday, Harry’s godmother Audrey rang from London to speak to her charge, who was most appreciative of her call. Unfortunately his other godmother Ren was indisposed, but sent her love anyway. We then headed out to pick up Trade Me purchases from obscure Auckland locations. Went to get an exercycle I won from East Tamaki, it was full on! Very recently developed mega-dense suburbia, and then suddenly – farmland. Bruce and Dawn (sellers of exercycle) lived on the road bordering the farmland, so actually had quite a nice private section. Scary! Plus there was a huge mega-mall out there, it was a time warp back to our visit to Chicago – EXACTLY like a giant American mall. So we are planning to go back there and immerse ourselves in tacky consumer heaven.