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Genius YouTube Idea

// July 13th, 2010 // No Comments » // Internets, Lesbian

I just uploaded my first ever cheesy fan music video to YouTube (embedded below, but I warn you, very cheesy and probably of interest to NO ONE I KNOW) and was struck by an idea as I carefully entered all my disclaimers about “I don’t own this content blah blah blah”.

Why doesn’t YouTube allow uploaders to enter in the video copyright holder and enter in the audio copyright holder? Then those copyright holders could be notified and approve or disapprove the use of their material. If they approve, they get a portion of the Google ads proceeds from the video or can place in their own ad eg “buy this video here” or “watch more of this here”.

YouTube sort of does this by automagically detecting songs and putting in the iTunes link (I was quite impressed that it correctly identified my soundtrack) but why not give the uploaders the opportunity to do the right thing and the copyright owners the chance to make some money and promote their products in new ways?

Just a thought… and now the cheesy video!

Yet Another New Theme

// July 5th, 2010 // No Comments » // Internets

I’ve updated to this fantastic theme which is exactly what I was looking for. Much LESS emphasis on my infrequent blog posts and much more on my other internet activity.

The theme is called Seven Five and you can get it for free from Press75, along with a heap of fabulous premium themes. Thanks to Jason for such an awesome concept!

Caveats – my Lifestream page still needs a lot of tweaking, I want to add quite a few more widgets to the home page and I can’t quite work out how to add Previous and Next buttons to the blog post listings. But apart from that: AWESOME, right?

Okay, I’m saying awesome too much. Shutting up now.

New Theme!

// July 2nd, 2010 // 10 Comments » // Geekery, Internets

I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 and decided to switch to its default theme for a while. I am on the hunt for a more “lifestreaming” theme as most of my online activity nowadays is in other places than this blog! (as you may have noticed).

Anyway it’s a good chance to try out some of the WordPress 3.0 features.

Moving Mail From An Outlook PST To Mac Mail

// March 4th, 2010 // No Comments » // Computers

I recently installed Mac OSX 10.6 aka Snow Leopard onto my PC in a valiant feat of crazy nerdiness. Just to see if I could. I was an instant convert to the world of OSX – luckily, because I haven’t got round to trying to get my dual boot working back into my Windows 7 installation (I think I’ll just stick with Parallels Pro).

Anyway I wanted to get my old mail from Outlook on the Windows 7 system disk into my Mac Mail program. What a drama! Explored paid software, crazy “export it all to Gmail and then import it all again” schemes (1.5GB of mail! Not!) and various other schemes. I spent quite a bit of time figuring this out. Here’s what eventually worked, for my own records.

1) Install demo version of Parallels Pro and use Windows 7 disk to set up a virtual install
2) Install Thunderbird on the virtual Windows 7 machine and import Outlook PST file into it
3) Install Thunderbird on OSX
4) Copy Windows Thunderbird profile folder over the OSX Thunderbird profile folder
5) Open Thunderbird, delete any unwanted email (could be done at step 2) and then compact the folders
6) Install an incredibly useful FREE utility, Eudora Mailbox Cleaner
7) Close all mail apps and drag OSX Thunderbird profile folder over the Eudora Mailbox Cleaner icon
8) Once it’s finished, open Mail and rebuild each of the imported mailboxes (Mailbox — Rebuild)

Voila! All the Outlook mail will now appear in Mail. Do yourself a favour and get Eudora Mailbox Cleaner if you’re trying to get mail from anything into Mail on OSX. I highly recommend it.

New Camera – Thanks Panasonic

// February 17th, 2010 // 12 Comments » // Hobbies, Toys

In December we bought a new Panasonic plasma TV, and of course, as happens these days, we got something free with it. That free thing arrived today after much form filling and waiting – a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT1. These rugged little beauties cost $600 in the shops so I was very happy to get one for “free”. Also I am sick of lugging my giant Canon EOS around with me on family outings!

I particularly like that it is shockproof to 1.5m – perhaps even Janproof? She has dropped 2 of our digital cameras and destroyed them in the past. Also it is waterproof to 3m, so if Archie tries to flush it down the toilet, it may survive, unlike Jan’s iPod. And it shoots HD video as well, not sure what the quality’s like, but hey! HD in your pocket’s gotta be good. And did I mention that it is ORANGE? How cool is that?

Here’s some quick test shots I did:


WTF Lego?

// February 16th, 2010 // 21 Comments » // Obsessions

What has happened to the Lego site today?

Yay! Lego Books!

// February 15th, 2010 // 3 Comments » // Obsessions

Just received a couple of Lego books in the mail that I ordered 6 weeks ago from Amazon. Very exciting!

The first is one I actually bought for my dad for his birthday in December. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to get it for myself…

It’s called simply “The Lego Book” and is a history, guide and tribute to Lego. Did you know that the Lego company was founded in 1916 by a Danish carpenter? At first he made furniture, but in 1932 he switched to children’s toys. The company did really well out of pull-along toys before inventing the Lego brick in 1949. Anyway there is a lot of good stuff in it as well as beautiful full colour photos. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a BONUS book “Standing Small” which is a tribute to 30 years of the Lego mini-figure!


Canon FS100 & Adobe Premiere

// February 10th, 2010 // 45 Comments » // Hobbies

I recently bought a Canon video camera, the FS100. It’s a handy little thing, records straight to an SD card, and has a number of groovy features. I particularly like the built-in light for shooting in darker environments. It records videos as MPEG files, but in a strange container called a MOD file. When you copy the videos to your hard drive using the included Canon software, they are renamed as MPEGs. Kind of annoying, as you can’t just rename them yourself because they have another small file with the suffix .MOI that apparently holds metadata for the video file. Strange!

My first problem was when I wanted to copy the video files without the Canon software, which I had lost and couldn’t be bothered finding again. After a bit of searching I discovered a great little utility called SD Copy. It’s just a little exe that will convert .MOD files into .MPG. You can download it from here, or have a Google.

So I’d copied all my files from the SD card, and all seemed fine when playing them back in VLC. I then decided to have some fun editing them together in Adobe Premiere. But there was a problem – all the camcorder files were coming into Premiere at the wrong ratio. I’d recorded them in 16×9 but Premiere was reading them at 4:3. So annoying! For some reason the widescreen flag doesn’t come across with the video file.

Thank god I found this incredibly useful post “Working with MOD Files in Adobe Premiere CS3“. I didn’t bother installing the dll for Premiere, since my files were already MPEGs. All I had to do was right click the file name in the Project window, select Interpret Footage, and change the Pixel/Aspect Ratio to “Conform To: Widescreen 16/9″. Bingo! Everything was at the right ratio, and all the edits I’d already made had automagically transformed as well.

Just thought I’d post this in case it helps anyone else. Apart from these teething issues, I really like my FS100, especially shooting in bright light. After dark, it gets quite grainy – thank god for the built-in light eh?

I’ll be posting my first creation on YouTube soon.

UPDATE: Here’s the creation in question! Not Oscar worthy but cute :)

Addicted To Bass (Totally)

// February 4th, 2010 // 6 Comments » // Obsessions

I got a bass guitar a couple of days ago and have been having heaps of fun with it. I’m using a groovy book called “Rock Bass: Beginner To Pro in 40 Days”. Well, we’ll see about that, but certainly it is coming quite easily to me so far and I am even developing calluses already! Now, what other mature absolute beginners want to sign up for my “Old People’s Mediocre Cover Band” (working title)?

Rocking Em

My Viral Video

// February 3rd, 2010 // No Comments » // HomeMovies, Internets

Just discovered that this YouTube clip of mine has had 32,000 hits thanks to Jan commenting on the ram, “They’re very horny, aren’t they?”.