Semester 2 Courses

// July 22nd, 2010 // Science, Study

Here are the courses I’m doing this semester at the University of Sydney, if anyone’s interested:

ANAT2010: Concepts of Neuroanatomy
Students are introduced to the structure and organisation of the central and peripheral nervous system. The course begins with an exploration into the make-up of the individual cells, followed by an examination of the different regions of the nervous system. A final theme of the course touches on the organisation of various systems (sensory and motor), together with aspects of higher-order function (memory). In essence, the course covers general concepts of organisation, structure and function of the brain and its different areas. The practicals offer students the unique opportunity to examine specimens in the Anatomy labs and museum.

BIOL2917 Entomology (Advanced)
This is a general but comprehensive introduction to Insect Biology taught in 3 integrated modules. The first module examines morphology, classification, life histories and development, physiology, ecology, behaviour, conservation, and the biology of prominent members of major groups. The other two modules examine new developments in entomological research, focusing on research strengths at the University of Sydney, the biology of social insects and insect behaviour.

MBLG2972 Molecular Biology and Genetics B (Advanced)
This unit of study shows how modern molecular biology is being applied to the study of the genetics of all life forms from bacteria through to complex multicellular organisms including plants, animals and humans. Lecture topics include classical Mendelian genetics with an emphasis on its molecular basis, cytogenetics, bacterial genetics and evolution, molecular evolution, bioinformatics and genomics, developmental genetics and the techniques and applications of molecular genetics.

PCOL2012 Pharmacology: Drugs and People
This unit of study examines four important areas of Pharmacology: (1) drug action in the nervous system (2) drug discovery and development (3) pharmacotherapy of inflammation, allergy and gut disorders, and (4) drugs of recreation, dependence and addiction. The delivery of material involves lectures, practicals, computer-aided learning and problem-based workshops. Practical classes provide students with the opportunity of acquiring technical experience and teamwork. Problem-based workshops are based on real-life scenarios of drug use in the community. These workshops require students to integrate information obtained in lectures in order to provide solutions to the problems. Online quizzes accompany each module.

I start on Monday! Hurrah!

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