Of Mice And More Mice

// December 3rd, 2009 // Life

We got Harry two mice for his birthday on November 1st. He christened them Freddo Black and Red Eye and the whole family including me & Jan fell in love with mouse ownership. So cute! So little! Such a nice wee cage! We had been keeping the door of Harry’s room shut so the cats didn’t torment them, but didn’t seriously think the cats could get into the cage. However we were proved wrong when Bootsy got in around 11pm one night and somehow knocked the cage off the dresser. The bottom fell off the cage and Red Eye made a run for it. He was quickly despatched by the experienced paw of the mouser extraordinaire. Me & Jan were there seconds later but Red Eye was breathing his last on the floor.

Tragedy! Harry was pretty upset but I think Jan was the most upset of all. Luckily Freddo Black was still cowering in the corner of the cage. He seemed pretty traumatised and lonely without his buddy. So we went to the pet shop to get a replacement mouse for company. Harry picked a cute little brown and white mouse and named him Nibbler. Unfortunately Freddo took an instant dislike to Nibbler and started chasing him around the the cage biting his tail. Nibbler now just cowers in the corner.

We’ve ended up buying another cage to join on and give them more space (didn’t work), dabbing vanilla all over the cage and both mice (didn’t work), and buying a third mouse to try and break the tension (welcome, Vanilla Ice). After a few battles Freddo now accepts Vanilla Ice as an equal, but poor Nibbler is still cowering in the corner! What to do!

Here’s a video of Red Eye in his prime as we like to remember him:

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