The First Day of the Rest of Your Trimester

// July 10th, 2006 // Kids, Study

First day back at university today. As is typical, biology was interesting but kind of waffly, and chemistry was a full-on barrage of incredibly complicated formulae which one’s brain struggled to comprehend. But having said that, I have got my results from Trimester 1 back and I can’t really complain. Say no more! Nice to be back on my scooter and the weather even cooperated with a perfect winter’s scooter-ridin’ day.

We took Archie back to have his dressing removed from his thumb today, and the good news is that it has all healed very well! He now just has to have a little bit of tape over it to give it stability, but he can have baths again and most importantly has his hand back. I think he was getting sick of being Stumpy.

I went to see Over the Hedge with the boys yesterday and thought it was excellent. That Steve Carell really is a comic genius.

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