Not Pleasant If You Are A Hippy

// July 6th, 2006 // Kids, Study

We foolishly thought that the tummy bug was behind us, but Archie was leaking things all over the floor this morning again, and then of course Harry started vomiting. So much for the planned visit to the dental clinic this morning. Ah the joys of family life! Still the boys are happy as it means they get to watch DVDs (whereas normally they are only allowed one DVD after lunch).

It will almost be a blessed relief to get back to university and cut up rats! Speaking of the rats, got this info from a former student of the course.

The rats are frozen and contain a preservative, and they don’t smell like rats. They smell like formalin – ie, not pleasant, but not disgusting either.

The thing that some people DID find a little challenging was looking at 72 hour eggs – you break an egg and fish out the embryo to have a look at it under a microscope. At this stage, it is little more than a brain and notochord, but it also has a heart which you can see beating.

Not pleasant if you are a hippy…

The other thing that was a bit annoying was the heart lung dissection (sheep) – because these DO smell a bit, and they are obviously a lot larger than a rat. The heart and lungs come from the meatworks, so they are pretty clean, but it is a time to wear your lab coat…

Guess I should buy that lab coat after all… but now I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to the rat autopsy.

14 Responses to “Not Pleasant If You Are A Hippy”

  1. mark says:

    Yes, the formalin “lab-rat” is an industry! I’m not sure the poor little things realise this is their sole purpose in life! It must be remarkable to see all that life under the microscope!?

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