Life’s Pretty Straight Without…

// January 16th, 2006 // Internets, Lesbian, Obsessions

…a new gay girl tv show addiction! And yes folks, I’ve found a good one. It’s a new US cable teen show called South of Nowhere, and the main character is a teenage girl questioning her sexuality and having an intense relationship with her best friend. It’s great! I have downloaded all the episodes from here and am now completely hooked.

To celebrate, here is the Which South of Nowhere character are you? quiz!


Family insanity? Dramatic relationships? You’ve been through it all, and now you’ve stopped letting that stuff get to you. Your ultimate life goal, for this week at least, is to find people who appreciate you for you, not for who you’ve dated or how you dress. You’ll wear the mini-est of mini skirts without feeling self-conscious, but the thought of attending a school function gives you nightmares. You use sarcastic criticism as a way to keep people distant, because if they get close, they might discover you’re not as certain about everything as you pretend to be.

5 Responses to “Life’s Pretty Straight Without…”

  1. hers says:

    How exciting. Maybe we’ll need to catch up with this one while waiting for Season three of the L-Word.

  2. hers says:

    And on the strength of your recommendation I have now downloaded all those episodes.

    Now to watch them!

  3. emily says:

    Well done – I hope you enjoy it! It’s pretty cheesy but strangely honest & raw. Go Spashley!!

  4. hers says:

    Found the time to download. Now we need to find some time to watch them! Looking forward to maybe a looksee this weekend.

  5. Patrick says:

    That show is awfully addictive. I’ve got 1-5 downloaded and watched, 7-9 on my machine in the US. I just need 6 so I can keep up.

    Me? According to that quiz I’m Clay:

    “Ahh… high school. You’ll leave the all-night parties and wild pranks to someone else. You have a sense of humor (the dry, sarcastic kind), but you also take a lot of things seriously, like your education and getting into a good college. You never intentionally cause trouble, so if you get in a fight, it’s probably an attempt to right an injustice. You’re not the type to look the other way just because something doesn’t concern you. Instead, you listen to your conscience and try to be the best person you can. Other people are impressed by your high GPA, and see you as a perfectionist. You’re not obsessed, though — you just have high standards.”

    Some of it’s true. Some of it not (my GPA is, well, probably not that impressive).