Rave Reviews!

// May 18th, 2005 // Life, Music

A great review for the Phoenix Foundation’s Pegasus that appeared in the Sunday Star Times.

Diverse and perverse – the new album from Wellington’s Phoenix Foundation seals its reputation as the best band in the country…

Ever loved a band so much it hurts? So much that you want to sing its praises to anyone who’ll listen? So much that if you were still a spotty adolescent you’d be writing its name on your pencil case? Then you’ll know I feel about Wellington’s Phoenix Foundation, a beardy band of under-stated and under-rated country-punk synth-rock pioneers who are, in my view, destined for greatness.

Read the full article or just buy the new album! I’ve been playing it non-stop, it really is astoundingly brilliant.

PS I like to think that the continual exposure of young Samuel to Madonna, Prince, the Bangles and Wham! also played a part in his musical development…

67 Responses to “Rave Reviews!”

  1. Jessie says:

    Heh.. haven’t got my copy yet, had a budget blowout :( Next week for sure!

  2. samuel says:

    Well I think it took me 15 years to realise all that eighties stuff you played me was actually excellent (though you did lend me the best of the Eurethmics when i was eight and i loved it!)

  3. Fi says:

    The Bangles is essential listening! The “Walk Like An Egyptian” dance with the hand movements always goes down well at parties.

  4. noo noo says:

    If we are all lining up to have our influence on Sam’s musical abilities measured, I would like to think that some of them came from those endless sing songs around the family piano, plus his mum singing such boring old songs to him that he thought he’d better try and do better. And we can’t forget “Wally Whyton Sings Children’s Songs of Woody Guthrie” – Take Me For a Ride in Your Car Car has to have had an influence.

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