Buffy & the Phoenix Foundation

// February 26th, 2005 // Me

I dreamed I went to Sydney to have a holiday with my friend Anthony. We got fish and chips, and I told them to make kumera chips which they hadn’t made before. I thought they were delicious but Anthony wasn’t impressed.

We went to see the Phoenix Foundation play a gig in Australia. It was at a roller skate rink that also had a swimming pool. There were heaps of people rollerskating and hanging out. The band started playing at the deep end of the empty swimming pool. Sarah Michelle Gellar was the lead singer! (She didn’t play at all the PF gigs, when she couldn’t get away from Hollywood, Sam took over) They played a whole set of very distinct songs, I remember one was called “We Are American Boys”, which I found an odd song even in the dream! The performance was very theatrical, Sam was running around a lot and changing costumes. But the crowd didn’t seem that into it and gradually it lost their attention. I couldn’t understand why as I thought it was amazing!

Then a tiny son woke me up mid-gig.

What does it all mean?

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