Topical Dreaming

// November 10th, 2004 // Me

Had a very weird dream last night that I was a reporter who volunteered to go to Iraq. We travelled there in a couple of old vans, and all the soldiers were women, mostly quite old and very young.

The compound we arrived at was like a motel but surrounded by high fences, and outside the fences were piles of old rusty cars, like a junkyard. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to see any suicide bombers approaching, but someone reassured me that there were lookouts posted on the perimeter.

Cathy Bradford from ‘The Bill’ was there, Superintendent Okaro had told her to leave the station and she had come to Iraq to prove herself. She was still a complete bitch though.

I was interviewing one of the old lady soldiers and I asked her, “Do you think you will regret your decision to volunteer?”

“I regretted it the moment I stepped off the bus,” she replied.

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