Boom Boom!

// November 5th, 2004 // Internets, Life

Guy Fawkes tonight! A few friends are coming over and we shall light lovely sparkly things in the backyard. They don’t do this holiday in Australia, guess it shows NZ’s “Britishness”. Jan has missed it dreadfully, as she is an incorrigible pyromaniac. Hope it doesn’t freak out the children too much.

I have added a little referral script to this site so I can see how people got here. You can have a look at the rough version. The best thing is the Google search terms that have struck this site – here are a selection:

  • oh pointy birds
  • ryan big brother sexy photos
  • sore throat with bloody looking vans
  • delta goodrem’s parents
  • drowned madonna
  • kelly osbourne’s hairstyle pictures
  • skippy’s lunchbox
  • platinum girls emily pics

I love the internet.

10 Responses to “Boom Boom!”

  1. acp says:

    Begs the question, what exactly were people looking for with one or two of those search terms? And did they find Google induced satisfaction? Oh, pointy anointy mysteries of internety life.

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