Dimensional Travel

// August 19th, 2004 // Me

Jan and I went back to Australia and it took us ages to find a taxi to get back to our house. Finally we got there and our house was just a pegged off bit of dirt, one of a long line of sections where they were building townhouses. We went to get help from a man we met at the pub and he took us to a space platform thingy, then I realised he was from the future. He went inside and while we were waiting, another man walked by and gave me a telescope. I was looking at the stars and all these spectacular nebulae and things. Suddenly I realised that if I turned a particular knob on the telescope, it would zoom in, all the way to planets and people on the planets, REALLY fast zoom, and you could watch and listen to what was going on. I zoomed in to a planet where there was an old woman lying on a big beanbag thing, and there was a king there with her. He said “What would you like now, some food or a breastfeed?” Then he started breastfeeding the old lady. Suddenly the future man came back and I felt guilty for having the telescope. He told us we had got mixed up and were in another dimension.

Then I was suddenly awoken by Harry crawling all over me!

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