Big Brother Begins

// May 3rd, 2004 // Moviesandtv, People

acp: so i am itching to coment on BB
acp: did u see?
britney2008: oh yes, go right ahead
britney2008: yes, watched when we got home (tape worked for once)
acp: so pissed off that they haven’t seemingly changed way of voting [ie still no colluding etc]
acp: and what is the f-ing point of having a 1 million $ prize if they don’t know about it
britney2008: yes, predictable though
acp: and can get all competitive and bitchy
acp: grrrr
britney2008: very true
acp: i hate the way BB is sooo passive
acp: “we treat the contestants with respect”
acp: pffft!
acp: as if that rates!
britney2008: LOL
britney2008: They are all very good looking and skinny this year
acp: love in-fighting and lying and bitching on my TV
acp: not all!
acp: some bad eyebrows on Terri
britney2008: hmm, true
acp: and Igor is a bit hideous

acp: Merlin seems very interesting tho
acp: and a Belinda types again
britney2008: yes, obviously cursed with hippie parents
acp: lot’s of blondes [men & women]
acp: a few Belinda types, i meant
britney2008: Finally a non-white contestant
acp: well don’t forget Lisa
britney2008: oh yes, true
britney2008: sorry Lisa!
britney2008: Not implying you were forgettable or anything ;-)
acp: but it’s all very aussie vs woggie again
acp: with one token islander
britney2008: yes
acp: at least the decor is interesting
britney2008: yes, like the decor
britney2008: really gone for it!
acp: noice disco floor
britney2008: Hmm, looks like Trevor has taken early popularity lead
britney2008: 22%
acp: cool
britney2008: So who will be first out? I predict Igor or Terri
acp: thought it was interesting that the small blonde boy kept looking at the tall aussie boy, and not making eye contact with Trev when they are all around the punching bag
britney2008: ooh, good observation
acp: ;-)
acp: as for who’s out first…. too soon to guess
acp: but good noms there
britney2008: good to get them out there
acp: maybe the scraggy haired boy
acp: ew!
britney2008: Kane? Yes, he is weird
britney2008: Even walks strangely!@
acp: i felt sorry for all those young kiddies being left behind (cry)
acp: no not kane
acp: he was the one who was favouring looking at ryan
britney2008: yes
acp: Paul!
acp: yuck
acp: wesley = saxon!
britney2008: Heh heh
britney2008: Still, looking forward already to my 7pm fix
acp: actually i am morning the loss of my nights again
acp: i had a week off, as hothouse [yes i was the one viewer] finished
britney2008: yes, mixed emotions

26 Responses to “Big Brother Begins”

  1. Lynne says:

    It’s a house full of Saxons – aaaarrgh, every Aussie suburban stereoptype there is. Someone paid far too much attention to Reggies win last year.
    Where are the university graduates? The smarmy lawyer types?
    Thank god for Merlin, at least he isn’t a bevan.

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