Zeus Reigns Again

// September 5th, 2001 // Internets, Science

Researchers have used genetic linkage analysis to show a 95% probability that a particular region on chromosome four correlates to long lifespan in humans. Importantly this region appears to have a strong influence on the rate of ageing. Read about it at: http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns999 91201. Good news for me as all my grandparents bar one are still alive…

Set up the computer at home last night – very exciting to once again play Zeus and build my little Ancient Greek empire. Then this morning I was so busy showing Jan Mr Winkle on the computer that I missed my bus! Ah the dangers of Mr Winkle obsession. Just had a lunch time haircut, pretty radical eh? The hairdresser had really long nails though and I’m sure that I have suffered a couple of injuries to my scalp and forehead. The price of beauty!

Another great game from Electrotank is Air Hockey – play it ’till you drop! And not quite so graphically appealing but certainly very addictive – Slime Volleyball.

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