Happy Birthday Maddy

// August 16th, 2001 // Culture, Music, People

Happy birthday to Madonna! And let’s not forget the King who died this day… or did he?

Just had a chat to me bruvver Sam on a great new chatroom they have set up at their site…. check it out at http://www.whizzkids.co.nz/whizzchat.html And go vote for Sam’s band – they are up for Unreleased Song of the Year at BFM. Vote here for Phoenix Foundation – Loaf. Go Sammy!

Settlement on track for 3pm this afternoon. Please cross all available appendages for us.

Some great gossip in the Popbitch email today which I just have to reproduce here.

  • Is Stevie Wonder really blind? According to Sam, of Motown legends Sam and Dave, the great man has always had partial sight. Insiders claim that Stevie’s blindness made great PR when he was a child artist, but that this made it impossible to retract the story – leaving his ability to see as “the greatest secret in the music industry”.

  • In 1984, Marilyn (superstar tranny) received a letter from the mother of a terminally ill girl whose biggest wish was to meet the star. His manager Paul Caplin arranged for mum and daughter to come up to London, where they spent a great day out with Maz. Back at Paul’s flat, they were about to leave for home, when Maz asked them to wait, as he had a present to give them. He handed the girl a small parcel, which she eagerly opened. It was a book on reincarnation. Inside the front cover Marilyn had written ‘Better luck next time – love Marilyn’.”

Due to popular demand, I have added the animal members of the family to the pictures on the right. Sadly all our photos of Bootsy are packed up ready for the move but I’m sure his smiling face will be greeting you soon.

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