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Of Mice And More Mice

// December 3rd, 2009 // 295 Comments » // Life

We got Harry two mice for his birthday on November 1st. He christened them Freddo Black and Red Eye and the whole family including me & Jan fell in love with mouse ownership. So cute! So little! Such a nice wee cage! We had been keeping the door of Harry’s room shut so the cats didn’t torment them, but didn’t seriously think the cats could get into the cage. However we were proved wrong when Bootsy got in around 11pm one night and somehow knocked the cage off the dresser. The bottom fell off the cage and Red Eye made a run for it. He was quickly despatched by the experienced paw of the mouser extraordinaire. Me & Jan were there seconds later but Red Eye was breathing his last on the floor.

Tragedy! Harry was pretty upset but I think Jan was the most upset of all. Luckily Freddo Black was still cowering in the corner of the cage. He seemed pretty traumatised and lonely without his buddy. So we went to the pet shop to get a replacement mouse for company. Harry picked a cute little brown and white mouse and named him Nibbler. Unfortunately Freddo took an instant dislike to Nibbler and started chasing him around the the cage biting his tail. Nibbler now just cowers in the corner.

We’ve ended up buying another cage to join on and give them more space (didn’t work), dabbing vanilla all over the cage and both mice (didn’t work), and buying a third mouse to try and break the tension (welcome, Vanilla Ice). After a few battles Freddo now accepts Vanilla Ice as an equal, but poor Nibbler is still cowering in the corner! What to do!

Here’s a video of Red Eye in his prime as we like to remember him:

Goodbye Ex

// November 25th, 2008 // 369 Comments » // Life

Our much loved pet dog Ex (aka X) died yesterday peacefully at home of old age. He was 16 years old. We laid him out in a cardboard box and the boys put flowers all around him, and we put some photos of him & us in with him and sang Pokarekare Ana, then took him up to the vets to be cremated. We are planning to scatter his ashes in his favourite park in Darlington where he spent the prime years of his life.

I wanted to write a few words about Ex’s life here to remember him by.

Ex was born to be a working dog on a farm in Hawera, New Zealand in 1992. However as soon as he started walking, it was apparent there was something not right about his gait and he wouldn’t be a good sheepdog. The farmer was planning on throwing Ex in the river but the farmer’s daughter Shannelle convinced him to let her take Ex home to her mother’s house and try and find a home for him. Shannelle’s mother Melina happened to be Jan’s flatmate at the time, and Jan instantly fell in love with the little golden puppy and decided we should adopt him. Jan & I had been together about a year then, and I was living in Rotorua and coming down for weekends.

Christmas Girls 1999So Ex became our “firstborn” and we took him off to the vet to diagnose his wobbly gait. The vet told us we should have him put down as he was in pain, but we couldn’t bear it and decided to get a second opinion from Massey University vet school. They told us it was juvenile dysplasia which meant that his bones were growing at different rates, but that he wouldn’t be in pain once he reached adulthood and that with the help of painkillers and minimising his physical activity, he would be fine. So Jan carried him around stuffed down her cleavage for months, and he would drive up with her to see me in Rotorua.

Sure enough he grew into a lovely dog, but he was always a funny shape – tall with shapely long ballet legs at the back, but short and squat chunky terrier at the front, and a giant head! His lineage was never really determined, there was definitely some Staffy in there and other suggestions were Bull Terrier, Mastiff or even Pitbull. He was always a very gentle dog and very friendly.

Baby Accroutrements

// September 10th, 2001 // 247 Comments » // Life

Had a lovely long weekend (got Friday off) which was very baby themed! Spent Saturday at the final baby class where we learned all about breastfeeding and how to fold a nappy. Fascinating stuff – but really brought home the enormity of the task we have set for ourselves. Then on Sunday my friend Clare brought round about a ton of baby stuff including tons of clothes and such neccessaries as a bouncinette and a swing. So now the baby’s room is packed to the gunnels and we have still got to fit a cot in there! Jan is still going well and this will be her final week of work.

Found a bit of time over the weekend to play Tony Hawk 2, a game I bought for my Playstation late last year but never got around to playing much. It’s great fun and have only got 2 levels left to unlock.

The cats had their testes removed on Thursday and Bootsy’s infected toe was looked at again. He had ripped some of its ligaments and his claw was all wonky so they removed the claw and the first joint of his toe. So now he has a big bandage but still haven’t had to resort to the cone around the head thank god. That would be the ultimate indignity!

The new doors are in at Hugo St and they look bloody good though of course we have to paint them. Am going to lay some lino this week in the kitchen and get it finally ready to rent!

Thanks to Lynne for today’s featured photo from her work junket to Thailand. Glamour!

Castration Day

// September 6th, 2001 // 223 Comments » // Life

Another early start this morning to meet the door installation guy – third time lucky! Haven’t heard any bad news so I presume it all went ok. Jan took the kitties into the vets for their mutual castration, along with Bootsy’s x rays to check how the broken pelvis healing is coming along. Not before time as we were awoken last night by the soothing sounds of Tinsel trying madly to hump Bootsy, up and down the corridor. So a neutered state will be very welcome. I am having the day off tomorrow so no updates till Monday! Nanodot, the featured link I added only yesterday, seems to have gone incommunicado! Alas.

Handy hint for the day: How To Make Your Own H-Bomb

Moving House

// August 27th, 2001 // 293 Comments » // Life

Sorry for the relative quiet the last few days. I was off work with yucky cold thing on Thursday and Friday. And of course I do all my home page updates from work (wouldn’t you?). Had an eventful weekend as we finally moved into the new abode. Jan, I and our intrepid assistants Jake, Anthony and Michel spent Friday night lugging rather weighty objects into trucks and back out again. Four green metal cabinets were the chief offenders – it took 4 people to lift them into the truck. However we did well and many thanks to all involved.

The house is now our home and we have settled in well – except for crap hot water cylinder and very chilly tiles of a morning. Still painting the front bedroom so we are sleeping in the living room at present. Ex is loving it for some reason and seems much happier than at Hugo St. The cats are in confinement for a week while they settle. Bootsy is so used to trauma now that he is completely adjusted but Tinsel still seems a little bit freaked! We put a deposit on a new kitchen as we just couldn’t live with the old one so that will hopefully be going in in six weeks or so. Also looking at getting gas put on and a new floor in the back half of the house. Anyway it will definitely be keeping us distracted until Little Jem arrives! Still it is a vast improvement on the old place, much more spacious.

The carpet is going down at Hugo Street today – apparently the carpet layer was a real dickhead though so we’ll have to see how it turns out. New doors are coming for there on Thursday and then we will be just about ready to rent the sucker out.

From last week’s Popbitch
Marvel at the how much Geri Halliwell’s breasts have changed over the years:
The young Geri showing off her gigantic naked bazoingas:
The current Geri showing off her shrivelled granny-bags:

I am still playing Junkbot, only 3 levels now on which I don’t have a gold award. Workmate Joel has mastered ALL the levels and is ranking around 17th in the world. Alas I am on about 118th, still it’s an achievement.

New Look Site

// August 9th, 2001 // 252 Comments » // Life

Today I have launched the new look site. It’s my ambition to keep this news box updated with all the latest from our world plus interesting things I have come across online. Hopefully this will help keep our widely distributed circle of friends and family up to date with our goings on! Please forgive any temporary glitches as the site settles down to its new form – we will gradually bring new versions of all the pages online.

Current state of the world – waiting on settlement of our new house which may occur tomorrow or might be delayed again till Monday. Banks drive me nuts! Or as my workmate Joel just commented, ‘bankers are wankers’. Red tape is certainly slowing down our progress but the end is in sight. We have spent the last 5 weeks painting our old place and getting everything ship shape for its forthcoming rental.

Bootsy (our poor kitty who was munched by a dog) is home now and much better. Still has a hobble to his gait and some strange shaved patches but is generally adjusting well to life in the outside world after 3 weeks in hospital.

Jan and Little Jem doing well. Sleeping has just become an issue as finding a comfortable position becomes more and more difficult! I find it hard to believe that she can get much bigger but still 8 weeks to go.