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Kiwi Chopsticks

// February 10th, 2011 // 797 Comments » // Books, Culture

A gem of a cookbook we found in Jan’s mother’s stuff. Published in 1970, it includes such delicious treats as Watties Chop Suey Soup, Lamb of the Golden Peach and Kiwi Yang.

New Phoenix Foundation EP For Christmas!

// December 11th, 2009 // 566 Comments » // Music, People

Merry Kriskmass

The Phoenix Foundation, one of NZ’s most popular bands and featuring my very own little bro Samuel, have just released a new ep “Merry Kriskmass” available for download and as usual it is effing awesome!

Here’s what the band had to say:

‘’I feel no pain, feel no fear, for the Krisk is a white reindeer” …. yes, a small stuffed white man and a reindeer have somehow managed to inspire our brand new little EP called Merry Kriskmass.

This fun, slightly odd 6-track EP managed to enter our lives during the time we were supposed to be recording our new album, providing much needed distraction from the often-gruelling album recording process. So much so, that we decided to share it with you in the hope that perhaps it brings some extra Christmas cheer.

We hope you enjoy. New album coming next year, and MEEEEERRY KRISKMASS.

Buy it here!

Bare essentials of safety from Air New Zealand

// July 3rd, 2009 // 345 Comments » // Culture

Amusing new Air NZ video that will now be shown as their air safety presentation on all flights. I don’t know what’s funnier, the body paint or the full on NZ “eccents”!

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Don Brash Sez

// September 16th, 2005 // 434 Comments » // Politics

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A thought for tomorrow’s election.

Lesbians Reunite!

// June 15th, 2005 // 667 Comments » // Lesbian, Moviesandtv, Obsessions

Unlikely Lesbians

Good news, Maia and Jay are back together on Shortland Street. Seems that now Jay has discovered her one night stand with Norman did NOT result in a child (score one for realism), she regrets it all immensely.

Jay agrees not to rush off and do stupid things “if you agree to tell me what’s going on in that beautiful head of yours”.

Triple yay:

a) they are back together

b) despite gloomy predictions neither is now straight or celibate

c) no boring lesbian baby storyline – yawn – can’t lesbians do ANYTHING ELSE EXCEPT REPRODUCE!!

Shortland St Update

// June 1st, 2005 // 1,330 Comments » // Lesbian, Moviesandtv, Obsessions

Last night Maia dumped Jay’s sorry ass, rightfully, after catching her in bed with Norman… and Li Mei asked the question “what’s wrong with a jar and a turkey baster?”

But of course no one answered her.

Then she went crazy and called Jay “a lesbian ho bag”!

Oh well, it was all quite entertaining anyway.

Now we’ll wait eagerly to see if Jay is pregnant from her virginity-losing, one night stand with no thought as to her fertility cycle. My bet… of course she is!!

Best quote:

Uh-oh, there’s trouble in lezzie-land!

Shortland Street Loses The Plot

// May 31st, 2005 // 1,537 Comments » // Lesbian, Moviesandtv, Obsessions

Far be it from me to speak evil of Shortland Street, but what are the writers thinking with the latest plot for our fave lesbian couple, Maia and Jay?

Why on earth would any lesbian worthy of the name think it was necessary to sleep with a bloke in order to get pregnant? Jay even mentioned the jar and the syringe, but then next minute it was all, “let’s go to bed”! Why on earth did they never discuss what their partners would think of this idea? Let alone the fact that the poor girl has obviously put no thought into where she is in her cycle or whether she is ovulating or not!

Sorry, Shorty, I just can’t go along with this one.

A friend of mine suggested the other day that Shorty has got very “Grange Hill” at the moment. While watching Jake hang his giant “Jake + Claire 4 Eva” banner from a warehouse and then almost falling to his death, I was forced to concur!

Camper Kitchen

// August 27th, 2004 // 263 Comments » // Holidays!

Jan tidies up. We are parked at Waitomo Caves, going to see them in the morning!

Mt Ruapehu

// June 10th, 2004 // 327 Comments » // Holidays!

Driving along the Desert Road – it’s spectacular! Tried to get a good shot of Mt Doom for you Ant but this was the best.