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Harry Made This For Ned’s Birthday

// August 29th, 2009 // 219 Comments » // Kids

Click the sideways image to see some more pics from Ned’s birthday brunch.

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Tasmanian Holiday Pics

// April 17th, 2009 // 245 Comments » // Holidays!

It seems like the distant past, but I finally sorted out all the pics from our camper van holiday in Tasmania in January 2009.

Check them out here.

This is my favourite – sunset at the Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s east coast. A beautiful spot.

Rocks, Sea & Rainbow

A New Chapter For Harry

// February 2nd, 2009 // 454 Comments » // Kids

First Day Of School!

Harry started school today. He didn’t seem worried about it at all, just excited – even comforted Jan a bit and then ran into the classroom. We are very proud! I think he’s going to love it.

It’s also a new chapter for Jan with both the kids at school. She is pondering what to do next. However it’s all theorectical right now as Archie hasn’t been back at school yet this term – too sick!

Happy Birthdays Abound!

// December 19th, 2008 // 975 Comments » // People

Today is my little brother Sam’s birthday. He is 30! Amazing huh. And so, to embarrass him, here he is performing in all his glory, with no fancy egg laying graphics!!

Happy birthday Sam.

Also today is my dear friend Audrey’s birthday. She is EVEN OLDER than Sam! I don’t have much to embarrass her with except this photo of her aged 17…

1992 Audrey

Happy birthday Audrey.

You are both awesome, and also both look good with guitars. And have shaggy hair and stuff.

Goodbye Ex

// November 25th, 2008 // 369 Comments » // Life

Our much loved pet dog Ex (aka X) died yesterday peacefully at home of old age. He was 16 years old. We laid him out in a cardboard box and the boys put flowers all around him, and we put some photos of him & us in with him and sang Pokarekare Ana, then took him up to the vets to be cremated. We are planning to scatter his ashes in his favourite park in Darlington where he spent the prime years of his life.

I wanted to write a few words about Ex’s life here to remember him by.

Ex was born to be a working dog on a farm in Hawera, New Zealand in 1992. However as soon as he started walking, it was apparent there was something not right about his gait and he wouldn’t be a good sheepdog. The farmer was planning on throwing Ex in the river but the farmer’s daughter Shannelle convinced him to let her take Ex home to her mother’s house and try and find a home for him. Shannelle’s mother Melina happened to be Jan’s flatmate at the time, and Jan instantly fell in love with the little golden puppy and decided we should adopt him. Jan & I had been together about a year then, and I was living in Rotorua and coming down for weekends.

Christmas Girls 1999So Ex became our “firstborn” and we took him off to the vet to diagnose his wobbly gait. The vet told us we should have him put down as he was in pain, but we couldn’t bear it and decided to get a second opinion from Massey University vet school. They told us it was juvenile dysplasia which meant that his bones were growing at different rates, but that he wouldn’t be in pain once he reached adulthood and that with the help of painkillers and minimising his physical activity, he would be fine. So Jan carried him around stuffed down her cleavage for months, and he would drive up with her to see me in Rotorua.

Sure enough he grew into a lovely dog, but he was always a funny shape – tall with shapely long ballet legs at the back, but short and squat chunky terrier at the front, and a giant head! His lineage was never really determined, there was definitely some Staffy in there and other suggestions were Bull Terrier, Mastiff or even Pitbull. He was always a very gentle dog and very friendly.

Don Brash Sez

// September 16th, 2005 // 434 Comments » // Politics

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A thought for tomorrow’s election.

“Rabbit” by Harry

// July 25th, 2005 // 342 Comments » // Kids

I think we have another Van Gogh on our hands!

Suicidal No More

// February 12th, 2005 // 438 Comments » // Obsessions

Rufus is saved
We found Rufus!!

Motorway By Night

// September 28th, 2004 // 159 Comments » // Holidays!

On our way home from last night in Shanghai. It has been incredible, hard to believe Tokyo will top it! Not sure that mobile will work in Japan. Xxx me!!

On A Bus

// September 26th, 2004 // 339 Comments » // Holidays!

Travelling through the countryside on the way back from Grand Prix Chinese rural is still quite densely populated and farmed, little mini cities dotted about. Ferrari won the race so we are off to eat snake to celebrate!