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Pay By The Day

// August 14th, 2001 // 144 Comments » // Life

Well, looks like the house is not going through till Thursday or Friday. Which means we might be up for daily penalties as we are now two weeks past the agreed settlement date. Woe! If anyone has some effective calming techniques please let me know.

Some good links for today:

  • Scaletrix simulator – takes me back to when I was 10 – racing was my fave weekend activity as Dad had a huge track set up in his loft. Go Dad!
  • Dog Stare – a very silly game indeed
  • Dub Selector – makin de rhythm flow
  • Mariah Carey’s ramblings on her website before they carted her off to the institution
  • RAWA

    // August 13th, 2001 // 113 Comments » // Politics

    A rather disturbing website is RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan. They aim to expose atrocities committed by the ruling Taliban fundamentalist government, and take photos and videos with cameras hidden beneath their clothing. Warning – some of the images are graphic…

    Bankers Are Wankers

    // August 10th, 2001 // 138 Comments » // Life

    Bad news is that it looks like the house has not gone through – still waiting on bank paper work. Argh! Driving me mad. Oh well – at least we can enjoy the weekend (and my forthcoming birthday) without worrying about having to move.

    We went to my godmother Rosie Scott’s launch of her new book Faith Singer last night. It was a really enjoyable event and I picked up a copy of the book too! Looking forward to reading it once I finish my latest naval epic. So thanks to Rosie for inviting us!

    Animation of the week and some other great shit on

    Strange Links For The Day

    // August 10th, 2001 // 121 Comments » // Culture

    Haven’t heard any bad news about the house – does this mean it’s actually going through at 2:30 this afternoon? Am trying not to get too excited as the constant postponements are giving me ulcers. We’ll soon know!

    Just got my weekly email from popbitch – highly recommended for all you twisted gossipmongers. As always, it included some rather interesting links which I will include here!