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Jake Hits The Internets

// February 16th, 2010 // 174 Comments » // People

My brother Jake Walker is a painter extraordinaire and has put a whole bunch of his recent work online for the enjoyment and edification of the world. He’s based in Melbourne at the moment but his work definitely has a New Zealand flavour. He does some fantastic stuff, I suggest you check it out and even better, go to one of his shows if you get the chance!

Foreign Shopping

// October 15th, 2004 // 180 Comments » // Holidays!, Toys

I thought I’d share with you my three favourite purchases on my trip.

1 :: Fake Rolex
Everywhere you went in Shanghai, hawkers were trying to sell you Rolexes. After Max bought one in People’s Square, I decided I really wanted one too! Ned found this at the Xiang Yang Fashion Market, a stallholder had a stash in a secret box in the back of the stall. We managed to bargain him down to US$12, he seemed pretty miserable with that so maybe it was a good deal – or maybe he was a good actor! Anyway, it is a great replica – has a crystal scratch-resistant face, see-through back with self winding mechanism, not to mention the major bling factor! I just hope no one mugs me for it!

2 :: Patch Sneakers
We spent roughly 35% of our time in Tokyo in shoe shops, as Jake and Max were looking for something special. The range of shoes in Shibuya was astounding. Incredible varieties of Chuck Taylors and Vans. I even bought Archie a tiny pair of Vans. But I didn’t want any shoes – until the moment Max brought these to my attention and I fell in love. Any item that combines Ren & Stimpy, Snoop Dogg & NWA in a shoe form has got to be good! (Just some of the patches on these shoes)

3 :: Helvetica T-Shirt
Jake found a great shop in Tokyo with cool designer t-shirts, and this was one – the perfect shirt for web designers everywhere! Helvetica is of course a font, and on this shirt the word Helvetica is written in… Helvetica! It’s genius! I would have liked a Tahoma or Verdana one though.


// September 13th, 2001 // 158 Comments » // Politics

The sense of shock in Sydney yesterday was quite amazing… walking down the streets surrounded by skyscrapers I felt scarily unsafe and caught myself with little nervous pangs every time I heard a plane. Have been glued to whatever coverage I can find over the net and tv.

Here are a few of the more interesting articles and points of view I have come across:

  • Michael Moore posted this message on his website today. You can always count on Mike for a different perspective on the world and America’s place in it. “Will we ever get to the point that we realize we will be more secure when the rest of the world isn’t living in poverty so we can have nice running shoes?”
  • A spooky Nostradamus verse that was doing the rounds of email intrays today has been revealed as a hoax! (thanks to Lynne) More information here.
  • Great article on the Sydney Morning Herald site – Echoes of Rome in an empire that must, eventually, pass away

And for something to distract you from the world’s troubles – Direct your own Bardot music clip!

In boring mundane house news, many thanks to Jake who helped us lay the lino at Hugo St kitchen last night, well actually he pretty much did it while we shouted out panicked comments from the sidelines. Anyway it looks great and we are nearly at actual renting out stage!

Moving House

// August 27th, 2001 // 293 Comments » // Life

Sorry for the relative quiet the last few days. I was off work with yucky cold thing on Thursday and Friday. And of course I do all my home page updates from work (wouldn’t you?). Had an eventful weekend as we finally moved into the new abode. Jan, I and our intrepid assistants Jake, Anthony and Michel spent Friday night lugging rather weighty objects into trucks and back out again. Four green metal cabinets were the chief offenders – it took 4 people to lift them into the truck. However we did well and many thanks to all involved.

The house is now our home and we have settled in well – except for crap hot water cylinder and very chilly tiles of a morning. Still painting the front bedroom so we are sleeping in the living room at present. Ex is loving it for some reason and seems much happier than at Hugo St. The cats are in confinement for a week while they settle. Bootsy is so used to trauma now that he is completely adjusted but Tinsel still seems a little bit freaked! We put a deposit on a new kitchen as we just couldn’t live with the old one so that will hopefully be going in in six weeks or so. Also looking at getting gas put on and a new floor in the back half of the house. Anyway it will definitely be keeping us distracted until Little Jem arrives! Still it is a vast improvement on the old place, much more spacious.

The carpet is going down at Hugo Street today – apparently the carpet layer was a real dickhead though so we’ll have to see how it turns out. New doors are coming for there on Thursday and then we will be just about ready to rent the sucker out.

From last week’s Popbitch
Marvel at the how much Geri Halliwell’s breasts have changed over the years:
The young Geri showing off her gigantic naked bazoingas:
The current Geri showing off her shrivelled granny-bags:

I am still playing Junkbot, only 3 levels now on which I don’t have a gold award. Workmate Joel has mastered ALL the levels and is ranking around 17th in the world. Alas I am on about 118th, still it’s an achievement.


// August 22nd, 2001 // 271 Comments » // Internets, Life

Latest position on Junkbot – Employee of the Year! Oh joy. Received for over 40 Gold Awards. I love this game. I really, really love it.

Painting is on track – got both the bedrooms undercoated yesterday with Jake’s help. And let me tell you, they come up bloody well! So at least the front half of the house will be decent. Had to postpone the kitchen person as poor Jan had to take one of her clients to hospital so ended up working from 6am to 10pm – not good for a heavily preggie girl!


// August 21st, 2001 // 177 Comments » // Life

Got quite a bit of scraping and filling done last night. Jake has kindly offered to do some painting today and the kitchen person is coming tonight to give us a design and quote. I am getting a little panicked now about baby stuff – cots! pushchairs! hospital bag! I guess we can do that next week. Let’s just hope Little Jem is not early! By the way we have a new top-of-the-list name – Bruno. Mmmm, I like it!

Am still hooked on the Lego Junkbot game. Here’s a wallpaper I made in tribute to it [LINK LOST!]. Be warned, it is 500k and you may need to resize it for screens smaller than 1280×1024.