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Moving House

// August 27th, 2001 // 293 Comments » // Life

Sorry for the relative quiet the last few days. I was off work with yucky cold thing on Thursday and Friday. And of course I do all my home page updates from work (wouldn’t you?). Had an eventful weekend as we finally moved into the new abode. Jan, I and our intrepid assistants Jake, Anthony and Michel spent Friday night lugging rather weighty objects into trucks and back out again. Four green metal cabinets were the chief offenders – it took 4 people to lift them into the truck. However we did well and many thanks to all involved.

The house is now our home and we have settled in well – except for crap hot water cylinder and very chilly tiles of a morning. Still painting the front bedroom so we are sleeping in the living room at present. Ex is loving it for some reason and seems much happier than at Hugo St. The cats are in confinement for a week while they settle. Bootsy is so used to trauma now that he is completely adjusted but Tinsel still seems a little bit freaked! We put a deposit on a new kitchen as we just couldn’t live with the old one so that will hopefully be going in in six weeks or so. Also looking at getting gas put on and a new floor in the back half of the house. Anyway it will definitely be keeping us distracted until Little Jem arrives! Still it is a vast improvement on the old place, much more spacious.

The carpet is going down at Hugo Street today – apparently the carpet layer was a real dickhead though so we’ll have to see how it turns out. New doors are coming for there on Thursday and then we will be just about ready to rent the sucker out.

From last week’s Popbitch
Marvel at the how much Geri Halliwell’s breasts have changed over the years:
The young Geri showing off her gigantic naked bazoingas:
The current Geri showing off her shrivelled granny-bags:

I am still playing Junkbot, only 3 levels now on which I don’t have a gold award. Workmate Joel has mastered ALL the levels and is ranking around 17th in the world. Alas I am on about 118th, still it’s an achievement.

Proud House Owners

// August 20th, 2001 // 156 Comments » // Life

We made it! The settlement has gone through FINALLY and we are proud house owners. Jan is arranging now to get the keys so we can have a nosey tonight. Thank the gods.

Marrickville Abode

// August 20th, 2001 // 245 Comments » // Internets, Life

We have been peering around the new house over the weekend. We are pretty happy with it! A bit of painting to do this week, some termite treatment and a new kitchen. But it is gonna be good. Hooray!

Got an email today from our darling niece Orgy aka Brenda. She was desperate to have her name dropped on this very popular page so here it is honey! (I will reply to your email today too, I promise) Send us a piccie of yourselves and I will put it up ;)

Thanks to Joe for this very addictive game! If you had Lego as a child, you’ll love this one…

Happy Birthday Maddy

// August 16th, 2001 // 257 Comments » // Culture, Music, People

Happy birthday to Madonna! And let’s not forget the King who died this day… or did he?

Just had a chat to me bruvver Sam on a great new chatroom they have set up at their site…. check it out at And go vote for Sam’s band – they are up for Unreleased Song of the Year at BFM. Vote here for Phoenix Foundation – Loaf. Go Sammy!

Settlement on track for 3pm this afternoon. Please cross all available appendages for us.

Some great gossip in the Popbitch email today which I just have to reproduce here.

  • Is Stevie Wonder really blind? According to Sam, of Motown legends Sam and Dave, the great man has always had partial sight. Insiders claim that Stevie’s blindness made great PR when he was a child artist, but that this made it impossible to retract the story – leaving his ability to see as “the greatest secret in the music industry”.

  • In 1984, Marilyn (superstar tranny) received a letter from the mother of a terminally ill girl whose biggest wish was to meet the star. His manager Paul Caplin arranged for mum and daughter to come up to London, where they spent a great day out with Maz. Back at Paul’s flat, they were about to leave for home, when Maz asked them to wait, as he had a present to give them. He handed the girl a small parcel, which she eagerly opened. It was a book on reincarnation. Inside the front cover Marilyn had written ‘Better luck next time – love Marilyn’.”

Due to popular demand, I have added the animal members of the family to the pictures on the right. Sadly all our photos of Bootsy are packed up ready for the move but I’m sure his smiling face will be greeting you soon.

The Dialectizer

// August 15th, 2001 // 238 Comments » // Internets, Life, Moviesandtv

Try running your favourite site through the Dialectizer… here is this site dialectized for Redneck. Hee hee ha ha, oh I love this one.

Just talked to our intrepid lawyer and he is very positive about the settlement happening tomorrow – “90%”. Could be good news!

And for all my fellow Buffy fans, Vidiot have some new promos for Season 6 that UPN are playing. Rather good they are too. But if you haven’t seen the Season 5 finale yet, they do contain *spoilers*


// August 14th, 2001 // 256 Comments » // News

More on the crisis enveloping Australian banks and conveyancing – seeming more and more appropriate.

Pay By The Day

// August 14th, 2001 // 224 Comments » // Life

Well, looks like the house is not going through till Thursday or Friday. Which means we might be up for daily penalties as we are now two weeks past the agreed settlement date. Woe! If anyone has some effective calming techniques please let me know.

Some good links for today:

  • Scaletrix simulator – takes me back to when I was 10 – racing was my fave weekend activity as Dad had a huge track set up in his loft. Go Dad!
  • Dog Stare – a very silly game indeed
  • Dub Selector – makin de rhythm flow
  • Mariah Carey’s ramblings on her website before they carted her off to the institution
  • Changing Shapes

    // August 13th, 2001 // 159 Comments » // Life

    Back at work after a loverly weekend. Went to our first class at the Birthing Centre called ‘Changing Shapes’ – sadly it was too late for Jan as her shape has already changed rather dramatically! Had a great birthday with lots of presents (mmm, presents) and went out for a low key dinner. Hoping to hear about the new house today.

    Bankers Are Wankers

    // August 10th, 2001 // 267 Comments » // Life

    Bad news is that it looks like the house has not gone through – still waiting on bank paper work. Argh! Driving me mad. Oh well – at least we can enjoy the weekend (and my forthcoming birthday) without worrying about having to move.

    We went to my godmother Rosie Scott’s launch of her new book Faith Singer last night. It was a really enjoyable event and I picked up a copy of the book too! Looking forward to reading it once I finish my latest naval epic. So thanks to Rosie for inviting us!

    Animation of the week and some other great shit on

    Strange Links For The Day

    // August 10th, 2001 // 320 Comments » // Culture

    Haven’t heard any bad news about the house – does this mean it’s actually going through at 2:30 this afternoon? Am trying not to get too excited as the constant postponements are giving me ulcers. We’ll soon know!

    Just got my weekly email from popbitch – highly recommended for all you twisted gossipmongers. As always, it included some rather interesting links which I will include here!