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Things I Have Learned #5432

// October 10th, 2011 // 3,925 Comments » // Computers, Kids, Life

Never leave Find My iPhone open on a web browser with Archie around.

Harry: The Bathroom Sessions

// January 27th, 2010 // 394 Comments » // HomeMovies, Kids

Recorded these performances from Harry a few weeks ago while doing the morning bathroom routine. Watch and be amazed!

Chinese Song
In Australia, kids learn a second language from the first year of school. We got a choice of three and Harry picked Chinese (the other two choices were Vietnamese and Arabic, pretty cool huh?). Here’s Harry doing a Chinese song. I have no idea if a) this actually is Chinese and b) what on earth he is saying, but I like it!

Dinosaur Song (Crash, Boom, Thump)
After the success of the Chinese song, Harry followed up with another song that he learned at school. A very spirited rendition with scary actions!

Hoedown Throwdown
For his final number, Harry chose a cover of a popular track by Miley Cyrus. Archie has been obsessed with this song and for a couple of MONTHS we had to have it every morning in the car on the way to school. (We’ve moved on to “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift now – yes, Archie is a TWEEN!).

Traumatising Children With Sarah Haskins

// January 23rd, 2010 // 1,317 Comments » // Internets, Kids

Harry has been greatly affected by the accidental viewing (on his mother’s iPhone) of a Sarah Haskins podcast. For those not familiar with Sarah, she does a weekly biting satire of US commercials aimed at women on various topics, “Target: Women”.

Here’s the podcast in question:

Lessons Harry has learned from this video:

- “My boobs are jealous of my butt” is the most hilarious phrase ever uttered and should be repeated at 5 minute intervals throughout the day. Or “Stupid butt!” is an acceptable alternative.
- Calling someone a “super hot sex babe” is also very funny
- Husbands are idiots
- The “digestive system” is something to be feared, especially when lying in your bed late at night, as it may crawl in and attack you at any moment with lightning bolts

Yet another reason you shouldn’t let your 6 year old near your iPhone.

Of Mice And More Mice

// December 3rd, 2009 // 295 Comments » // Life

We got Harry two mice for his birthday on November 1st. He christened them Freddo Black and Red Eye and the whole family including me & Jan fell in love with mouse ownership. So cute! So little! Such a nice wee cage! We had been keeping the door of Harry’s room shut so the cats didn’t torment them, but didn’t seriously think the cats could get into the cage. However we were proved wrong when Bootsy got in around 11pm one night and somehow knocked the cage off the dresser. The bottom fell off the cage and Red Eye made a run for it. He was quickly despatched by the experienced paw of the mouser extraordinaire. Me & Jan were there seconds later but Red Eye was breathing his last on the floor.

Tragedy! Harry was pretty upset but I think Jan was the most upset of all. Luckily Freddo Black was still cowering in the corner of the cage. He seemed pretty traumatised and lonely without his buddy. So we went to the pet shop to get a replacement mouse for company. Harry picked a cute little brown and white mouse and named him Nibbler. Unfortunately Freddo took an instant dislike to Nibbler and started chasing him around the the cage biting his tail. Nibbler now just cowers in the corner.

We’ve ended up buying another cage to join on and give them more space (didn’t work), dabbing vanilla all over the cage and both mice (didn’t work), and buying a third mouse to try and break the tension (welcome, Vanilla Ice). After a few battles Freddo now accepts Vanilla Ice as an equal, but poor Nibbler is still cowering in the corner! What to do!

Here’s a video of Red Eye in his prime as we like to remember him:

Harry Made This For Ned’s Birthday

// August 29th, 2009 // 219 Comments » // Kids

Click the sideways image to see some more pics from Ned’s birthday brunch.

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An iPhone Wanker Is Born

// July 23rd, 2009 // 518 Comments » // Toys

I finally saw the light and got myself an iPhone. Credit to my good buddy Axo, who pointed out I was spending so much energy to find something as good as the iPhone without considering the beast itself! Now that I hold my 32GB 3GS in my sweaty palms, I couldn’t be happier. What an amazing piece of technology. Even Harry is not immune to its charms, he made me promise I would leave it to him in my will! I am actually posting this from my phone and it is awesome. Expect more iPhone wankery in the future! You have been warned.

Tasmanian Holiday Pics

// April 17th, 2009 // 245 Comments » // Holidays!

It seems like the distant past, but I finally sorted out all the pics from our camper van holiday in Tasmania in January 2009.

Check them out here.

This is my favourite – sunset at the Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s east coast. A beautiful spot.

Rocks, Sea & Rainbow

A New Chapter For Harry

// February 2nd, 2009 // 451 Comments » // Kids

First Day Of School!

Harry started school today. He didn’t seem worried about it at all, just excited – even comforted Jan a bit and then ran into the classroom. We are very proud! I think he’s going to love it.

It’s also a new chapter for Jan with both the kids at school. She is pondering what to do next. However it’s all theorectical right now as Archie hasn’t been back at school yet this term – too sick!

That Time Again

// December 15th, 2008 // 721 Comments » // Internets, Life

Time for Elf Yourself, starring the Walker-Wrights:

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

New Pyjamas & Cute Offspring

// October 22nd, 2008 // 152 Comments » // Kids, Life

New Pyjamas