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Harry Made This For Ned’s Birthday

// August 29th, 2009 // 219 Comments » // Kids

Click the sideways image to see some more pics from Ned’s birthday brunch.

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Happy Birthdays Abound!

// December 19th, 2008 // 975 Comments » // People

Today is my little brother Sam’s birthday. He is 30! Amazing huh. And so, to embarrass him, here he is performing in all his glory, with no fancy egg laying graphics!!

Happy birthday Sam.

Also today is my dear friend Audrey’s birthday. She is EVEN OLDER than Sam! I don’t have much to embarrass her with except this photo of her aged 17…

1992 Audrey

Happy birthday Audrey.

You are both awesome, and also both look good with guitars. And have shaggy hair and stuff.

Birthday Videos

// November 6th, 2006 // 363 Comments » // Kids

Harry had a lovely birthday party yesterday. It was our first time ever running party games like Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs. That Musical Chairs is a vicious frenzied contest, there were tears and bruises galore. Maybe next year we’ll be brave enough for Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

Here’s a Harry birthday video for you (please ignore tuneless singing of camerawoman):

And one with much cuter singing:

And one of Archie ROCKING OUT (just for fun):

The YouTube account where I upload videos of the tiny offspring is here if you’re interested:

Flickr Madness & Family Milestone

// September 27th, 2006 // 1,091 Comments » // Kids

Playland of Doom

Just added a whole heap of new pics to Flickr including some long overdue ones of Harry & I on our trip to Hamilton. Basically I am clearing the decks in preparation for Archie’s birthday pics tomorrow! Yes our oldest son will be turning FIVE YEARS OLD! I am quite astonished. A bit of a milestone really. He is very excited and is having a party at Junglerama with 16 birthday guests. Jan is making loot bags for the guests as I type! In fact I better go and help wrap up the presents. Woo hoo!

Changing Shapes

// August 13th, 2001 // 165 Comments » // Life

Back at work after a loverly weekend. Went to our first class at the Birthing Centre called ‘Changing Shapes’ – sadly it was too late for Jan as her shape has already changed rather dramatically! Had a great birthday with lots of presents (mmm, presents) and went out for a low key dinner. Hoping to hear about the new house today.

Bankers Are Wankers

// August 10th, 2001 // 267 Comments » // Life

Bad news is that it looks like the house has not gone through – still waiting on bank paper work. Argh! Driving me mad. Oh well – at least we can enjoy the weekend (and my forthcoming birthday) without worrying about having to move.

We went to my godmother Rosie Scott’s launch of her new book Faith Singer last night. It was a really enjoyable event and I picked up a copy of the book too! Looking forward to reading it once I finish my latest naval epic. So thanks to Rosie for inviting us!

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