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Archie Goes Under the Knife

// December 14th, 2006 // 1 Comment » // Culture, Kids, Life

Archie had his adenoids and tonsils out yesterday! He stayed in hospital last night but is home now, having a fine old time watching DVDs and eating ice cream. Hopefully this will help him with his constant colds.

And on an unrelated topic, Natalie Portman is a tough motherf***er:

My Boys!

// December 1st, 2006 // 1 Comment » // Kids, Life

Best Dressed

Birthday Videos

// November 6th, 2006 // 2 Comments » // Kids

Harry had a lovely birthday party yesterday. It was our first time ever running party games like Pass the Parcel and Musical Chairs. That Musical Chairs is a vicious frenzied contest, there were tears and bruises galore. Maybe next year we’ll be brave enough for Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

Here’s a Harry birthday video for you (please ignore tuneless singing of camerawoman):

And one with much cuter singing:

And one of Archie ROCKING OUT (just for fun):

The YouTube account where I upload videos of the tiny offspring is here if you’re interested:


// October 30th, 2006 // 2 Comments » // Kids, Life

Harry starts kindy today! And he is turning three this Wednesday. Very exciting. He is looking forward to kindy but doesn’t want Mummy to come with him – unfortunately that’s the rules on your first day. I think he will love it, he’s a very social little chap, and it will be good for him to have someone other than Archie to boss around! Or maybe even get bossed around a little himself.

Weekend Getaway

// October 23rd, 2006 // No Comments » // Kids, Life

We had a great weekend up at my mother’s place near Greytown. We haven’t been up for months so it was long overdue! The boys loved the pony, especially Harry who rode him around and kept bringing him flowers to eat. Unfortunately it POURED with rain all day Sunday but we still enjoyed ourselves. Now back to the grindstone – exam on Friday – argh!

Flickr Madness & Family Milestone

// September 27th, 2006 // 5 Comments » // Kids

Playland of Doom

Just added a whole heap of new pics to Flickr including some long overdue ones of Harry & I on our trip to Hamilton. Basically I am clearing the decks in preparation for Archie’s birthday pics tomorrow! Yes our oldest son will be turning FIVE YEARS OLD! I am quite astonished. A bit of a milestone really. He is very excited and is having a party at Junglerama with 16 birthday guests. Jan is making loot bags for the guests as I type! In fact I better go and help wrap up the presents. Woo hoo!

Sam’s Biggest Fan

// September 12th, 2006 // 6 Comments » // Kids, Life, Music

Archie is absolutely obsessed with the Samuel Flynn Scott track, War Over Water. It all started when I posted the video to this blog a couple of weeks ago and Archie wanted to watch it every night before he went to bed. So then I played it to him on the stereo and now we have to listen to it roughly 50 times a day. Unfortunately as soon as it goes into the next track, he makes us skip back to War Over Water again. It says something for the brilliance of the track that I can still enjoy it!!

You want proof? Check out this clip… (sorry about the quality)


// July 28th, 2006 // 7 Comments » // Kids, Life

Mummy: “Night night Harry! Have sweet dreams about flying to the moon and going to Junglerama!”

Harry: “Harry dream about fixing computer. Girls can fix computer. Boys can’t fix computer.”

The First Day of the Rest of Your Trimester

// July 10th, 2006 // 3 Comments » // Kids, Study

First day back at university today. As is typical, biology was interesting but kind of waffly, and chemistry was a full-on barrage of incredibly complicated formulae which one’s brain struggled to comprehend. But having said that, I have got my results from Trimester 1 back and I can’t really complain. Say no more! Nice to be back on my scooter and the weather even cooperated with a perfect winter’s scooter-ridin’ day.

We took Archie back to have his dressing removed from his thumb today, and the good news is that it has all healed very well! He now just has to have a little bit of tape over it to give it stability, but he can have baths again and most importantly has his hand back. I think he was getting sick of being Stumpy.

I went to see Over the Hedge with the boys yesterday and thought it was excellent. That Steve Carell really is a comic genius.

Not Pleasant If You Are A Hippy

// July 6th, 2006 // 1 Comment » // Kids, Study

We foolishly thought that the tummy bug was behind us, but Archie was leaking things all over the floor this morning again, and then of course Harry started vomiting. So much for the planned visit to the dental clinic this morning. Ah the joys of family life! Still the boys are happy as it means they get to watch DVDs (whereas normally they are only allowed one DVD after lunch).

It will almost be a blessed relief to get back to university and cut up rats! Speaking of the rats, got this info from a former student of the course.

The rats are frozen and contain a preservative, and they don’t smell like rats. They smell like formalin – ie, not pleasant, but not disgusting either.

The thing that some people DID find a little challenging was looking at 72 hour eggs – you break an egg and fish out the embryo to have a look at it under a microscope. At this stage, it is little more than a brain and notochord, but it also has a heart which you can see beating.

Not pleasant if you are a hippy…

The other thing that was a bit annoying was the heart lung dissection (sheep) – because these DO smell a bit, and they are obviously a lot larger than a rat. The heart and lungs come from the meatworks, so they are pretty clean, but it is a time to wear your lab coat…

Guess I should buy that lab coat after all… but now I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to the rat autopsy.