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Most Fangirlish Post Ever

// October 16th, 2010 // 172 Comments » // Culture, Moviesandtv, Obsessions

Note: following post very very tragic, so please avoid if you hate Glee. Or want to preserve your image of me as someone with a bit of dignity and gravitas.

I am SO OBSESSED with Glee right now (probably a side effect of end-of-semester stress, as I always tend to get obsessed with things when I have a lot of other shit to do). But, OMG! It is so good at the moment. I mean, there’s Faberry of course (and we even got the two of them in a bathroom together), not to mention Brittana is now canon (woo hoo), and the musical numbers have been awesome (mostly), Kurt just gets more and more impressive, even Finchel were slightly cute last week, and hello? RACHEL FREAKING BERRY.

So just for fun, here are my Glee top lists so far (episode 4 of season 2):

1) Rachel Berry – natch!
2) Kurt Hummel – Le Jazz Hot pushed him right up here
3) Quinn Fabray – Faberry can’t be avoided
4) Brittany Pierce – every word that comes out of her mouth is hilarious
5) Sue Sylvester – it’s not Glee without Sue
6) Santana Lopez – one tough cheerf**ker
7) Mike Chang – Sing! was done perfectly
8) Finn Hudson – Even though Finn is dumb, homophobic and ruining my Faberry, he is kinda hysterical (*cough* LEZBRO *cough*)

9) Dustin Goolsby – He’s only been in one scene and I can’t wait for more
10) Emma Pillsbury – She was better last season but still wearing those lovely collar clip necklace things – what are they called?

1) Artie Abrams – Someone give that boy a storyline that doesn’t involve being nasty to girls
2) Will Schuester – I love me some Mr Schu but he has been so dull this season so far – bring back April!
3) Mercedes – Hey Mercedes, can’t you back off and respect Kurt’s atheism? Nope, let’s drag him to CHURCH
4) Jacob Ben Israel - the image of his damp naked buttcheeks has scarred my fragile little mind
5) Sam Evans – back off Quinn boy! This is the season of QUINNDEPENCE! (But go right ahead with Kurt)

1) Rachel & Kurt – Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again
2) Rachel – The Only Exception
3) Kurt – Le Jazz Hot
4) Rachel – What I Did For Love
5) Mike & Tina – Sing!
6) Rachel & Sunshine – Telephone
7) New Directions – Toxic
8) Mercedes & Santana – River Deep Mountain High
9) Rachel – Papa, Can You Hear Me?
10) Finn & Rachel – With You I’m Born Again

OK I’m gonna stop now and go and do some ACTUAL WORK :-P

My MP3 Dilemma

// September 29th, 2010 // 160 Comments » // Computers, Geekery, Music, Obsessions

I’ve been an avid collector of music files since the late 90′s and never delete anything, but rather file it all for posterity. The end result, 14 years later, is an external hard drive with 306GB of MP3 files on it (around 50,000 in all), carefully filed in folders by artist and album.

When I was on Windows, I had everything in Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro so I could search the entire collection for specific artists. Eventually with the purchase of my first iPod, I switched over to iTunes, but didn’t add everything to the library – only what I wanted to sync with my iPod. I can just choose “sync all”. So I’ve only got around 2,000 songs in iTunes.

Now I’m on Mac, I can’t seem to find a simple cataloguing program that will index my MP3 files by metatag so I can easily search them. I’m considering putting everything into iTunes, but will it cope with 50,000 tracks, or will it just run like a dog? MediaMonkey seems great but it is Windows only.

I’m beginning to think that the answer is obvious – CULL MY COLLECTION and get rid of all those albums that I have never and will (probably) never listen to. It’s the logical thing to do. Yet it fills me with heartbreak!

Oh what to do?

WTF Lego?

// February 16th, 2010 // 335 Comments » // Obsessions

What has happened to the Lego site today?

Yay! Lego Books!

// February 15th, 2010 // 500 Comments » // Obsessions

Just received a couple of Lego books in the mail that I ordered 6 weeks ago from Amazon. Very exciting!

The first is one I actually bought for my dad for his birthday in December. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and had to get it for myself…

It’s called simply “The Lego Book” and is a history, guide and tribute to Lego. Did you know that the Lego company was founded in 1916 by a Danish carpenter? At first he made furniture, but in 1932 he switched to children’s toys. The company did really well out of pull-along toys before inventing the Lego brick in 1949. Anyway there is a lot of good stuff in it as well as beautiful full colour photos. And if that wasn’t enough, it comes with a BONUS book “Standing Small” which is a tribute to 30 years of the Lego mini-figure!


Addicted To Bass (Totally)

// February 4th, 2010 // 141 Comments » // Obsessions

I got a bass guitar a couple of days ago and have been having heaps of fun with it. I’m using a groovy book called “Rock Bass: Beginner To Pro in 40 Days”. Well, we’ll see about that, but certainly it is coming quite easily to me so far and I am even developing calluses already! Now, what other mature absolute beginners want to sign up for my “Old People’s Mediocre Cover Band” (working title)?

Rocking Em

Quad Stack ‘Em!

// September 8th, 2008 // 206 Comments » // Obsessions

I knocked off one of these puppies yesterday, just to see if I could. It was actually fine to eat, but the sensation of fullness remained in place for a good 24 hours after consumption. If you only ate one a day, it would be quite a cheap way to live… of course the Quad Stack may not quite have all the essential nutrients one requires…

Hungry Jack’s 71g fat burger under fire – News & events –

Buffy MMO Coming?

// September 6th, 2008 // 178 Comments » // Obsessions

I love MMOs – that’s Massively Multiplayer Online games. I certainly did my time with World of Warcraft. So I was very excited to hear that a Buffy MMO is currently being developed!

More info here.

Also nice to hear about the possibility of a Firefly one too. What a shame I will be too busy studying to lead an alternate life in a vampire-slaying, wise-cracking virtual world. Still, there’s always summer break I guess!

Alan Probe, Amateur Surgeon

// June 6th, 2008 // 116 Comments » // Internets, Obsessions

Just in time for my exams, adult swim have released the third installment of their insanely fun online game, Amateur Surgeon. There is something immensely satisfying about cutting someone’s stomach open with a pizza cutter and then stapling and cauterising them back together again… give it a go!

[UPDATE:] My god, the first level is insanely hard! I’ve killed poor Trent about ten times… those scorpions… argh

Phoenix has Landed

// May 29th, 2008 // 242 Comments » // Obsessions, Science

I am very excited about the latest mission to Mars, Phoenix, which has touched down in the Martian Arctic. It will be hunting for organic molecules and traces of life in the zone where the frozen polar ice becomes Martian desert. Here is its current view of Mars:

Phoenix View of Mars

There is something so inherently cool about getting this pictures from another planet on the internet so quickly!

It’s still settling in, getting its robotic arms limbered up and so on, but expect some fascinating stuff from Mars in the near future! More info here.

Mr G – Naughty Girl Official Video

// March 12th, 2008 // 298 Comments » // Moviesandtv, Obsessions

The following music video features home video footage sent in by fans of Mr G from all across Australia. It’s pretty hilarious. And it features my favourite chap, Toby, in a fetching shirt that reads “Do Me – I’m Famous”. GO TOBES!

Mr G – Naughty Girl