Traumatising Children With Sarah Haskins

// January 23rd, 2010 // Internets, Kids

Harry has been greatly affected by the accidental viewing (on his mother’s iPhone) of a Sarah Haskins podcast. For those not familiar with Sarah, she does a weekly biting satire of US commercials aimed at women on various topics, “Target: Women”.

Here’s the podcast in question:

Lessons Harry has learned from this video:

- “My boobs are jealous of my butt” is the most hilarious phrase ever uttered and should be repeated at 5 minute intervals throughout the day. Or “Stupid butt!” is an acceptable alternative.
- Calling someone a “super hot sex babe” is also very funny
- Husbands are idiots
- The “digestive system” is something to be feared, especially when lying in your bed late at night, as it may crawl in and attack you at any moment with lightning bolts

Yet another reason you shouldn’t let your 6 year old near your iPhone.

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