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// October 21st, 2008 // Gripes

You know what really annoys me? Plastic packaging. You know the sort, all sealed in its little plastic bubble, looks great in the shop because you can see all the contents, but then you need an industrial pair of scissors to get the frickin thing open. Even if you have a pair of scissors, it’s very easy to do yourself harm with these weirdly shaped packages.

I have had occasions when I actually NEEDED the thing I bought right then and there, but unfortunately, cannot get the damn packaging open using the tools evolution gave me (ie teeth and hands). Surely there’s a better way? We don’t all carry scissors in our bag! In fact I’m pretty sure that’s illegal!

But it does look so pretty on the shelf… what are your thoughts dear readers?

2 Responses to “Gripe Of The Day”

  1. Jessie says:

    Agreed. Drives me mental. It’s IMPERMEABLE. Recently I bought some headphones at HMV and the assistant had to open them for me, with scissors, and it still took about five minutes.

  2. audrey says:

    what she said x

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