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I have just discovered this great new game called “Fat Hate Bingo” – perfect for playing while cruising any scientific article about anything to do with human body weight. Yes, there is nothing random commenters like more than to trot out a few old truisms like “There’s only one way to control your weight – diet and exercise” and “fat people are a burden on our health system” and of course go on about the “obesity epidemic”. At least now I can have fun playing Fat Hate Bingo while internally seething. Hurray!

This is via the wonderful Shapely Prose blog which I highly recommend for all those venturing into the Fatosphere. As an intro, you can’t go past Kate Harding’s post entitled Don’t You Realise Fat Is Unhealthy?

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  1. Ant says:

    I think you could definitely get some good scores up from the ranting comments on the, mega-tempting, Quad burger article at Taste:

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