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// July 24th, 2008 // Life

Me & Jan are currently obsessed with the latest American series of So You Think You Can Dance. I am downloading it from the States immediately after it goes to air, the first time I’ve done that for a reality show. Unfortunately I have discovered the chances of getting spoiled are MUCH higher for reality shows. Sadly I keep accidentally finding out who has gone as the file is downloading. Bloody keep putting it in the ACTUAL TITLE of the post, so that there is no way to avoid it, apart from avoiding one of my favourite websites.

Anyway here are some of my favourite dances from the series so far:

Robert Muraine – Popper Audition
Mind blowing popper! Never seen anything like it!

Joshua and Katee – Bollywood
Funky groovy Bollywood greatness!

Twitch & Kherington – Contemporary
Music and dance blending beautifully!

Katee and Will – Pas de Deux
The two best technical dancers on the show doing the hardest routine ever attempted. Brilliant.

Argh there’s too many great ones! Better stop there.

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