Phoenix has Landed

// May 29th, 2008 // Obsessions, Science

I am very excited about the latest mission to Mars, Phoenix, which has touched down in the Martian Arctic. It will be hunting for organic molecules and traces of life in the zone where the frozen polar ice becomes Martian desert. Here is its current view of Mars:

Phoenix View of Mars

There is something so inherently cool about getting this pictures from another planet on the internet so quickly!

It’s still settling in, getting its robotic arms limbered up and so on, but expect some fascinating stuff from Mars in the near future! More info here.

3 Responses to “Phoenix has Landed”

  1. Samuel says:

    why do they always have so much exposed cable on those landers? they look so flimsy!

    I thought the russian lander craft at the Space Museum in Washington looked like they were built my Michel Gondry.

    very cool photo ems, bring on Mars Colony 2.0

  2. emily says:

    Yeah it is weird – maybe one reason is so the robot can make repairs to itself? Can they do shit like that?

    Start the terraforming now!

  3. Samuel says:

    that is a good theory anyway, I’ll accept it as fact and use in anecdotal party banter

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