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// March 3rd, 2008 // Life, Study

I’ve had a crazy few days – the sadness of losing Nana last Wed, then the joy of the Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday night, the nerves of starting uni today, and now heading off to NZ tomorrow for three days for Nana’s funeral.

Mardi Gras was wonderful. We had tickets to the BGF Glamstand so there was seating, a bar and most importantly, toilets! Worth every penny of the $120. It was so heartwarming being back amongst the gays after four years away. And we got to catch up with our dear Melbourne friends Julie & Georgia – also realising it was 10 years since we met them when we were all Marching Xenas together in the 1998 Mardi Gras (and you too Lynne!). I think we will have to go in it again next year – I can ride my Honda Spacy in the Dykes on Bikes. Then we met up with ACP & Den for late night Japanese and a ride home.

The first day of university went pretty well. I did seem to be the only mature aged student in my physics lecture however! Uh oh. Physics seems pretty dry, I was having flashbacks to sixth form when I was bored out of my mind with forces and masses and velocities. Oh well, gotta try and ace it this time! And I got the credit I was after for my VUW courses, all except one paper I will now have to do in the second semester. I’m pretty happy though.

Then tomorrow at 5am I have to be at Sydney Airport ready to fly to Auckland with my brother Jake. We’re driving down to Hamilton for Nana’s funeral on Wednesday. Hopefully I will get a morning in Auckland on Thursday and then back to Sydders. I’ll try my hand at some mobile blogging while I’m away!

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  1. Lynne says:

    Is it really 10 years? Wow. I was only thinking the other day about NYE 1999.
    Hope all goes well in NZ and lets catch up sometime when you get back.

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