RIP Nana

// February 29th, 2008 // Life

Margaret Clothier, 1939

My Nana, Margaret Walker (nee Clothier), passed away peacefully yesterday in Hamilton, New Zealand. She was a grand lady who was passionate about religion, politics and her family. I have so many childhood memories of school holidays spent at her and Poppa’s house in Woodstock Road, Hamilton. She always fed us so well! The most delicious porridge ever and grapefruits from the tree in the back garden.

Nana and I were on opposite sides of the political spectrum – she was a diehard fan of Robert Muldoon and was shocked when I went on a Springbok tour march at the age of 12! – but I always appreciated her deep interest in politics. In another era, she would have made a great politician herself! I was always afraid to come out to her because of her firm Methodist views, but when I finally did (much too late!), she was very accepting and embraced me and my relationships. She loved her great-grandchildren Archie & Harry and had a great respect for Jan.

I will be attending the funeral in Hamilton next week. It’s the end of an era, and means I now have no living grandparents. It will be a sad occasion but good to catch up with the extended Walker clan. And I know that Nana wanted nothing more than to go and join her husband Andy.

Happy travels Nana! We will miss you.

3 Responses to “RIP Nana”

  1. Lexi Bridgman says:

    Your nana sounds wonderful. I’m so sorry for your loss but I’m glad you have so many great memories. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but you look so much like her! kia kaha darling xx Lexi.

  2. rosie says:

    Poor Nana, very sad. I’m sorry for telling you off about Hillary Clinton. Really I don’ care as long as a democrat gets in as president.

  3. Tricia says:

    Sorry about your Nana’s passing. Glad you got up to Hamilton w/ your Dad and then w/ Harry. Safe journeys here and there.

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