Cunning Plans Falling Into Place

// January 18th, 2008 // Science, Study

After the good news about the house, now I have been offered a place at the University of Sydney in the Bachelor of Medical Science. They take 200 people per year so it is pretty good going. Now I have to find someone to go and enrol for me on Tuesday afternoon otherwise the offer will lapse! Any volunteers?

Here are the papers I’m going to be doing this year in my part-time studies. I’m hoping I can cross credit what I’ve done so that I only need to do maths and physics. The maths ones sound crazy, in fact I can’t understand the descriptions at all!

MATH1001 – Differential Calculus
This unit of study looks at complex numbers, functions of a single variable, limits and continuity, vector functions and functions of two variables. Differential calculus is extended to functions of two variables. Taylor’s theorem as a higher order mean value theorem.

MATH1002 – Linear Algebra
This unit of study introduces vectors and vector algebra, linear algebra including solutions of linear systems, matrices, determinants, eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

MATH1003 – Integral Calculus and Modelling
This unit of study first develops the idea of the definite integral from Riemann sums, leading to the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Various forms of integration are considered, such as integration by parts.The second part is an introduction to the use of first and second order differential equations to model a variety of scientific phenomena.

PHYS1002 – Physics 1 (Fundamentals)
This unit of study is designed for students who have not studied Physics previously or scored below 65 in HSC Physics. The lecture series contains modules on the language of physics, mechanics, and oscillations and waves.

PHYS1004 – Physics 1 (Environmental & Life Science)
This unit of study has been designed specifically for students interested in further study in environmental and life sciences. The lecture series contains modules on the topics of properties of matter, electromagnetism, and radiation and its interactions with matter.

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