// December 31st, 2007 // Life

We are back from a lovely week at my maman’s house in the Wairarapa. The wedding went off beautifully and everyone agreed it was the best wedding for a long time! The bride and groom were so gorgeous and the venue looked fantastic. Afterwards we had a very relaxing low-key Xmas. The boys loved it, especially when their Aunty Dins went all out and created Santa and reindeer footprints around the fireplace! That sent Harry into a real frenzy I can tell you. Then one of our oldest mates – not as in she is geriatric, but as in she was around when Jan & me met – Audrey, came out to stay for the night and we had a grand time catching up.

The most relaxing part for me was that I couldn’t get onto the Internet and managed to lose my mobile phone, so was completely incommunicado! Apologies to any who may have sent me a Christmas text!

Anyway it’s great to be home, mainly because the Country is so allergicifying; I have been wheezing, coughing and scratching a lot while relaxing. Now to catch up with all those emails…

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